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10 Superb Keto Shrimp Recipes Everyone Will Love!

When it comes to keto diets, it can often feel like your options are backed into a corner.

Either you feel like you are narrowing your options for food down, making it even more difficult to achieve ketosis, or you fail after a few weeks, and return to your normal carb-heavy diet.

10 Superb Keto Shrimp Recipes Everyone Will Love!

However, keto doesn’t need to be as difficult as you think. After all, keto diets aren’t there to necessarily make you eat less.

They are trying to make your body process fats and protein more for energy instead of carbs.

All you need to do is find the right ingredients for an incredible meal that keeps your body energized and carbs on the down low.

And, as it happens shrimp are not just great flavor-packed plates of seafood you can add to a dish, but with their high protein and fat content and relatively low carbs, these tasty little guys are perfect for keto diets and recipes too!

And we’re to show you some of that amazing versatility, by showing you some of the best keto shrimp recipes that you can find out there right now!

1. Keto Popcorn Shrimp

Starting us off with an easy crowd-pleasing recipe, we have keto popcorn shrimp recipes for you to try for yourself.

With a little dash of coconut flour, you’ll find that there’s something special about these particular popping shrimp as you eat them.

There’s an undeniably perky in both flavor and texture to them over simply coating them in breadcrumbs as you normally would.

The tricky part of cooking a shrimp recipe like this, particularly if you are using smaller shrimp, is that it can be a little easy to overcook, so make sure that you’re keeping an eye on these little guys while you’re cooking them, and only keep them on the heat for a few minutes tops!

2. Gluten-Free Coconut Shrimp

Get used to seeing coconut-flaked shrimp in this recipe list. They’ll be appearing a few more times before we’re done!

Breading shrimp is a staple when it comes to shrimp recipes, not just because they had texture to this seafood, but because they also help lock in all that tasty goodness.

However, breadcrumbs also come with the unfortunate fact that they’re pretty high in carbs too, making them maybe not the keto for keto diets.

Fortunately, by using a coconut-based batter, you can happily avoid this unfortunate issue, with shrimp that don’t just taste good and feel good to bite into, but also stay perfect for a keto diet, as well as being great for people with gluten intolerance too!

3. Quick & Easy One-Pan Blackened Shrimp

One of the best things about cooking shrimp, especially for streamlined, simple diets, is that they are often very easy and quick to prepare for a meal.

However, depending on how many extras or flavors you are adding to these dishes, you may often find that, while being tasty, they also quickly become messy affairs.

So, if you’re looking for a recipe that is simple to whip up (as well as simple to clean up!), then you’ll want to check out this particular dish for you and your table! 

4. Cajun Shrimp Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is a popular dish in pretty much every corner of the world you go to, it seems. So, why not try and adapt this recipe to a more seafood-based palette?

While chicken is usually the most popular source of protein for these light, healthy salads, you’ll find that shrimps are just at home amongst this sea of green lettuce as they are in the actual sea!

The Cajun seasoning that is brought to the table with this dish help add a little extra spiciness to the mix where there otherwise wouldn’t, making this rather mild meal into a flavorful, spicy affair!

Add to that a little extra dressing for a nice cooling effect, and you have a shrimp recipe that is the full package, so to speak!

All of that, while being keto-friendly too!

5. Chicken And Shrimp Stir Fry

Stir-fries are popular dishes around the world, partly because of how many ingredients can be included in them, including shrimp.

This particular recipe is a great reflection of that idea, with both chicken and shrimp being used together to make a seafood and poultry platter that will please anyone’s taste buds!

However, pair that with some fresh fried broccoli and other vegetables, and you’ll also be getting a healthy dose of vitamins and other nutrients to boot.

Of course, this is a stir-fry, so you can include pretty much any vegetable that you enjoy in this dish. Love carrots? Slice them up thin, and throw them in!

Want some extra spicy sauce for that extra tang? Just throw some in the pan! Want some mushrooms in this dish? Sure thing, just dice them up, and you’re set!

As we said, there’s a reason that so many people love stir-fries across the world!

6. Slow Cooker Gumbo Recipes

Gumbo is a fan favorite dish for many people across the country, even being the most iconic dish in New Orleans and plenty of places across Louisiana, which is probably why it is also that dish of the state in question!

And it’s not hard to see why. When it is packed full of so many incredible ingredients, from the shrimp to the spiced sausage, to the chicken, and plenty of vegetables, this recipe is practically tailor-built to feed armies around the dinner table!

No wonder this is arguably THE dish for creole cuisine!

While some versions of this recipe will serve this soup with a side of fluffy white rice, this version is plenty filling enough on its own to fill you up.

Plus, that lack of rice and extra carb-filled sides also means that this recipe is keto-friendly, as well as even being used for a Whole30 diet too!

It’s the whole package!

7. Easy Smoked Shrimp

A gumbo soup, while amazing and filling, all the same, is kind of labor-intensive, as well as being something that takes hours to slow-cook.

While worth every minute of its long recipe time, it’s not exactly the kind of meal that you can just whip up on the fly, is it?

Thankfully, this is where recipes like this easy-smoked shrimp (see also: 10 Tasty Paleo Shrimp Recipes You’ll Love)dish come into the picture!

This recipe can be cooked up in less than 30 minutes, meaning that it’s something that can be made if you find that you’re struggling to come up with a meal plan for the day.

That simplicity goes for its preparation too, with the seasonings being simple and easy to find.

However, don’t mistake this simplicity for mundanity or a boring dish.

Glazed and slathered in just a touch of olive oil and garlic for good measure, these bad boys will go down a treat at virtually every table they are placed at!

8. Spaghetti Squash Alfredo

What? A spaghetti dish? In my keto diet? It’s more likely than you think!

Spaghetti Alfredo is a classic Italian take on these spaghetti noodles, but it’s often out of reach for anyone that is currently sticking to a keto diet.

Until now, that is!

This recipe uses spaghetti that has been made from squash instead of the usual durum wheat spaghetti that everyone is familiar with.

Not only does it add a whole new flavor profile to this spaghetti, but it also makes the entire dish keto-friendly along the way!

This opens up the other ingredients in this recipe for a delicious buffet of bold and bright flavors to try, including a seasoning that makes everything creamy to taste, as well as, of course, the shrimp!

If you’re looking to enjoy some classic Italian flavors to your recipe repertoire, then you’re going to love this one!

9. Keto Fajitas With Shrimp

Alongside spaghetti, fajitas are a very popular dish that is known for their versatility. If only those carb-heavy tortilla wraps weren’t an issue.

Well, when you’re using fresh lettuce leaves as your wraps, you’ll be able to love fajitas mixes again, and in a brand-new way to boot!

The cilantro-lime source is the sauce that brings this mix together!

10. Keto-Friendly Creamy Tuscan Shrimp

Finally, we return to spaghetti for this last recipe, one that will make you feel like it was freshly prepared in the Tuscan countryside for you!

Packed full of some succulent fish and meat options, as well as plenty of fresh vegetables like tomatoes and spinach, this is a recipe that can feed just a single person, or the entire extended family when they’re around!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

When it comes to dieting, especially with something as specific as achieving ketosis.

However, making sure that you have plenty of fun dishes to make that taste great is often the best way of maintaining a routine like this.

Plus, each one of these shrimp dishes will quickly become a favorite of yours to make, whether you are on a keto diet, or not!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pan, turn the oven up, and start cooking!

Justin Roberts