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5 Amazingly Tall Gluten Free Cakes You Need To See To Believe

Gluten-free flour is often very dense, especially if you compare it to wheat flour. The dense texture means tall cakes are extremely difficult to make.

5 Amazingly Tall Gluten Free Cakes You Need To See To Believe

If you manage to keep the balance right, you may end up with a stodgy texture, but if you don’t allow the crumb to harden, your dessert could topple over!

Although this problem is a major issue for many bakers, we have found 5 creations which show that gluten-free tall cakes are both possible and amazing.

1. White Chocolate Mocha Cake – Liv For Cake

Liv For Cake creates amazing recipes day in, day out. Each of their designs comes from the heart, and you can follow their journey as they create jaw-dropping creations.

Their White Chocolate Mocha Cake doesn’t start as a gluten-free creation. Instead, Liv For Cake uses all-purpose flour in the recipe.

However, a commenter called Alison mentioned how she will adapt the recipe to include gluten-free flour, and Oliva (the creator of this cake) makes some excellent suggestions.

She says the flour swap will be fine, but you’ll need to add another layer to the design, changing the serving size from 12 to 16. This makes the cake even taller!

This advice will help you avoid a stodgy cake, and keep the texture light. The white chocolate mocha cake has a beautiful drip edge design, elegant piping, and a simple but powerful coffee bean decoration.

2. Gluten Free Fizzy Sweets Cake – Amy’s House

This cake by Amy’s House has a wonderfully quirky design. The cake itself has a creamy white buttercream exterior, which has been brushed with a fading blue edge.

Around the top of the cake, you’ll see the dripping paint effect as blue mirror glaze icing is poured over the top.

Lying on top of the cake itself is a whole host of blue and purple fizzy sweets, creating a sour taste just from looking at the decoration.

Dotted around the cake are swirls of marzipan delights, just aching to be picked off like a berry in summer.

Because the top is packed with delicious treats, the flavor of this cake has to be plain. Otherwise, the number of rich tastes you’ll receive in a mouthful will be too overwhelming.

If you make this cake, be sure to use vanilla flavors as your main, with jelly in between each slice – adding to the sweet and sour combination. This is the perfect design for a sweet loving kid.

3. Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake – Ai Made It For You

This german cake is three tiers high and can serve around 10 people. German cake isn’t actually German, as many people easily assume. Instead, it was made by an American baker called Samuel German.

He wanted to create something using dark chocolate but had trouble balancing the flavors.

In the end, he realized the key was in nuts – pecan nuts to be precise. A classic German Chocolate Cake should have a rich dark chocolate sponge with vanilla frosting and pecans decorating the top.

Because the cake is already very dense, using gluten-free flour won’t hinder the creative process. In fact, the flour will help the cake keep its balance, hold the moisture and allow the rich flavors to shine.

You could cover the entire cake with pecan frosting, if you want a fully rounded aesthetic, but Ai Made It For You has created an elegant design that you could copy – allowing the sponge to be part of the visual effect.

4. The Ultimate Fruit-Topped Drip Cake – My Baker

This gorgeous cake by My Baker has beautiful touches which change it from a homemade classic to Hollywood party realness.

The golden frosting is used to cover the tall cake itself, while the remaining mixture is used as a dotting decoration on the top of the cake. What makes this feel elegant is the balance of colors from the black dripping chocolate.

Dripping chocolate is a popular design at the moment, but matching the drip with the color of blueberries is genius.

If you looked at a glance, you may have thought the blueberry was another chocolate disk on top of the frosting, but no, the baker has matched the color to the berry with so much ease, we misunderstand what we’re looking at.

When you take a bite of this illusion, you’ll be left with a wonderfully sweet surprise.

Even though this fun idea might take you off guard, it is simple to replicate. It might take some time to get the color combination right, but in the end, you could create this elegant masterpiece too.

5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cake – My Baker

Our final cake to show you is the tallest of them all. 6 layers of gluten-free deliciousness mean this cake can feed over 40 people.

Each slice is a different color of the rainbow, but the bottom half is covered in pastel multi-colored sprinkles.

What really makes this cake pop is the vivid colors My Baker has created. It will take a long time to mimic this design, as many people fail to balance the colors correctly.

Use too much dye and the colors could run, ruining the effect. Use too little, you’ll be left with a disappointing shallow color.

On top of the cake, there isn’t a lavish decoration, but that’s simply because the cake is already so tall that adding more on would topple the structure. Instead, the top is decorated with more sprinkles and smashed candy.

The mixture of controlled chaos and changing colors creates a wonderfully quirky aesthetic. 


Making a tall gluten-free cake can be difficult. Balancing the weight on your bottom cake, while trying to keep the texture light is the real battle.

Each of these cakes creates a strong foundation but recognizes that the lowest layer needs to be the strongest. Once you have that figured out, you can create these amazing designs too.

Justin Roberts