The Blind Cafe

The Blind Cafe

I’m intrigued by food experiences.

I must say, The Blind Cafe’s community experience, concert and dinner in the pitch dark is one I must experience.

Coming to Boulder on November 10th and 11th  guests will be able to dine on a delicious vegetarian meal, prepared by Boulder’s own Chef Marcus McCauley. The waitstaff? They’re all blind and will be serving you your food while live poetry and music serenade you.

I’m Italian. We love expressing ourselves and the idea of touch, sound and taste being heightened over food is one that is mysterious and sensual. Being a food blogger, usually sharing the food on my phone or camera, I’m looking forward to a sans-technology dinner in this environment.

The Blind Cafe is designed to get you thinking, to help you discover new aspects of yourself so you feel more alive, awake, present and connected to your world.

The Blind Cafe is place where we celebrate community, dine creativity and re-discover listening to music and each other in the pitch dark.

Boulder Blind Cafe:

This particular event is donating a portion of the proceeds to Boulder Guide Dog Puppy Raisers, a local organization that raise puppies to become guide dog. I love how this is charitable, invokes your senses, creates community and raises awareness. It all comes full circle.

You can learn more about The Boulder Blind Cafe here.

Tickets for either night can be purchased here.  $45 General Admission | $35 Students.

Your Ticket Includes:
-A 3 Course Dinner w/ Dark Choc (The meal is vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free)
-A Full Set of Original Music!
-Awesome Q & A w/ Blind Waitstaff
-A Donation to help others! 🙂
-Over 2 Hours in total Darkness!
-Experience you will never forget!

Locations: Blind Cafe hosts these amazing experiences in other locations. Currently they’re in Austin, TX, Boulder, CO, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA and you can check out the locations they’re looking to expand to (even Internationally) here.


I attended the Blind Cafe and words escape me when I try to begin to explain the experience. To be honest, part of it is uncomfortable because you’re adjusting to the pitch black. You can’t even see a glimmer of light or make out objects. Your senses become heightened as you can hear nervous chattering people around you, forks clinking, the live music they play at the end, and when your blind server comes to you, bringing you your food. Onto the food, you have no idea what you’re eating. I opted to get right down and dirty, and ate with my hands. I was curious to touch the food, before putting something in my mouth that I didn’t know the texture. It lasted a bit too long for my liking and by the end, I was craving sunlight and wishing I wasn’t “blind” anymore. Nonetheless, it’s something everyone should try. Seriously, give it a whirl, but bring a friend to hold your hand in the dark.

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