The Plant Collective – Digital Cookbook

The Plant Collective is an e-cookbook featuring more than 50 plant-based recipes from 32 leaders in food + wellness compiled and created by a friend I grew up with, Emily Rose Shaw.

The e-cookbook donates 60% of all sales to Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyard Project which helps build school gardens and teaches sustainable food practices to students.

The contributors range from Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice fame, Thea Baumann  of Goop, PLANTLAB and many more which makes for an eclectic and robust community. As Emily shared, “I have such respect for every single contributor in this book, who show up daily expressing their passion for the culinary and healing arts.”

When asked about the e-cookbook Emily shares that the book is about “community as it unites leaders in food and wellness who believe food is medicine, creatively demonstrating how delicious, pleasurable, and beautiful healthy foods really are.” The focus is on finding new, creative ways to use fruits and vegetables and healthier versions of holiday favorites.

The e-cookbook has sections in: small bites, small plates, mains, sweets and drinks rounding out options for everyone. This book appeals to the “vegetarian superfoodie”, but Emily believes that anyone could find a healthy recipe they would enjoy.

The photos in the recipe are vibrant and bright making for a beautiful digital resource.

Some of the recipes are unique and ones that may not be in your everyday cooking (I love a little reach) like the matcha cheesecake truffles or golden bechamel spaghetti squash with pine nut parmesan and some are simple and healthy like the lemon garlic beans or olive oil mashed potatoes.

This digital cookbook is available for $20 in an online format/PDF for easy consumption. Perfect for the holiday season, especially given the charitable effort of this beautiful cookbook. You can purchase the book here.

Happy holidays! Happy eating.