Jill’s Restaurant at the St. Julien Offers Vegan Lunch on Fridays

Jill’s Restaurant & Bistro sits in Boulder’s nicest hotel, The St Julien in downtown Boulder. With views at the base of Canyon overlooking the Flatirons, not only are their views beautiful, but their amenities are service are exquisite.

I always recommend Jill’s and/or the St Julien lobby and patio as a great place for a business lunch or meeting. It’s really one of the best views in town as you enjoy coffee on their patio and with enough space, you can actually find somewhere quiet to have important conversations.

Vegan Tuscan Table Buffet on Friday:

Jill’s recently started offering Vegan lunches every Friday. For $11.95 you can  enjoy unlimited food that also includes a dessert bar. Being that it is Boulder – there actually aren’t many places where you can find this much vegan food at your disposal – hence I think it’s a great idea.

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 8.28.49 AM

Note that if you’re enjoying lunch there on a Friday they still offer their regular lunch menu if vegan isn’t your thing. I am not vegan but that being said, these dishes are bright with color and naturally delicious. It’s the kind of food where anyone could eat it (perhaps besides their pizza and its “cheese”) and not know it was vegan.

They have about 5-6 dishes out each Friday varying from salads to side dishes, a soup, a pasta station that will make whatever dish you want in front of you, panini and pizza (with vegan mozzarella that’s quite good considering).

Jills Vegan Lunch Display Vegan Jills PizzaVegan dishes

Some of the dishes they’ve served are: roasted potatoes, turnips, radish and arugula salad, tofu salad with edamame, carrots, red peppers, radish sprouts and Tamari vinaigrette, lemon roasted asparagus with truffled polenta and quinoa, dried blueberry, pine nut, apple and arugula salad with agave lavender vinaigrette.

Pizza and Polenta

There are also about 3-4 desserts available all vegan and quite well thought out like their mousse made with avocado for the “cream”. The berry tart was flaky and perfectly sweet, as well. You would never know dairy wasn’t present.

Jills Dessert Vegan

Each week the dishes will rotate to reflect the season and because there are so many options, most are sure to find something for your palate.

Perhaps my only lament is that it’s a buffet (not my favorite, less fresh) and made in mass. I did see them refresh the main dishes as they depleted and of course the pasta and pizzas were rotating fresh so it’s not all buffet. It might be nice to be able to order just one dish (perhaps $6-8) if someone wants something small and doesn’t want to spend $15 at lunch (with tip or if you order an extra drink), as well but that’s only a thought. There is high value in their current “all you can eat” price.

It seems they’re making a considerable effort and for vegans in Boulder I am glad to see the option available – even in a hotel restaurant. No one else but perhaps Leaf and Native Cafe are doing it – so good on Jill’s. It is worth the try especially if you lean vegan. Let us know what you think and I suggest offering them feedback – they’re open to it and as they’re working out some kinks because its new but their high level of service is important to them and apparent whenever you visit.

Find Them:

Jill’s Restaurant | 900 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO