A little time away

I took a pause here. Since January 7th, I haven’t written anything. I suppose sometimes we all need that space. It has been a whirlwind, crazy beginning to 2014 and I simply didn’t have the time or energy to be here or show up. It’s not to say I didn’t feel the gap.

This blog is like my home. My space where I say and do what I want. It has also provided me with much solace and joy. I’ve been blogging since 2008, and here at Grace(full) Plate specifically since 2011. This is my jam, I’m in it.

This past weekend I went to LA to visit my brother who lives there, and my parents flew in to join us. Much like the many happy moments in my life, it’s about loved ones, family and food.


Since my pause and life transition this year, I noticed in my food world I haven’t even been reading my food magazines. My Bon Appetit and Food Network Magazine sit sadly on the coffee table, piling up. Ignored and unopened. Normally, I gobble them up – tagging down the corners, covering them with grease as I cook alongside them.

This past weekend in LA, I opened up one of these magazines and I took a deep breath. I settled in and immediately felt some slight joy. It’s the little things, you know? It’s this reminder that food brings me peace.

People are naturally intrigued when you tell then you write about food. It’s such a part of my life, but I’m also oddly quiet about it considering how “public” blogging is. One thing I always share as they ask how I balance a strenuous full-time job, work, travel, and the many freelance and food gigs I have, I say, “the moment it all stops being fun, Ill stop.”

Opening this magazine – while the late afternoon California sun streamed in the open deck door to my back – I felt the smile cross my face. Storytelling through food brings me enjoyment and I immediately opened my iPad and wrote these words down. It took a little time away and a damn good Bon Appetit editors note (thanks Adam Rapoport) and a photo of peanut butter siracha toast.

Cheers to the things that make us feel alive. Whether it’s sitting around tables with loved ones while we’re grieving or laughing, food that fills our bellies and quite literally is the fuel to drive us. No matter who you are with, we all share the common ground over food.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.