New to Boulder: Tossa Pizza Italian Food

New to Boulder: Tossa Pizza Italian Food

Before you say it, let me stop you. I know there are so many pizza joints in Boulder. From high-end, to take-out you would think it’s covered here, right?


Enter: Tossa Pizza, here to disrupt and offer fast-casual pizza and Italian food from Tom Ryan who founded and launched Smashburger and grew it to wild success.

Nestled on Folsom and Arapahoe, Tossa Pizza welcomes people with ordering their food, nice rows of wine available and a dining room that turns into full-service at night. The environment is casual and it’s a place that I would like to grab scrumptious food, but quick for a night in.

Andrew Selvaggio is the award-winning chef who developed and built the menu. He’s a second generation Italian with over 30 years experience. Albeit different, Andrew actually oversaw new menu offerings at McDonald’s in the 90’s. His fast-service experience has served him well, yet let me assure you, the dishes at Tossa were well-thought out and delicious (not McDonalds at all).

The Food:

At first glance, I liked how the menu actually pairs each of your food items with their wine (bottle or by the glass), highlights vegetarian options and offers a kids menu. Bottled beers are $3 and wines by the glass are $5.

A highlight for me was their “salad pizzas” – this is a pizza, but covered with fresh spinach or arugula.

My favorite? The mushroom and truffle arugula white pizza with mushrooms, parmesan, mozzarella, aged provolone and fresh basil topped with arugula, truffle olive oil and parmesan cheese. I was impressed with the crisp crust, very tasty! For a small size of this pizza it’s $9 and for the large (it’s big, for at least 4 people) it’s $17.

I also ordered the goat cheese and baby spinach pizza with house marinated tomatoes topped with fresh goat cheese. This was a bit more bland compared to the aromatic mushroom and truffle pizza, but simple good.

As a starter dish, we had the imported mixed olives and Italian olive oil, herbs and citrus. Served with fresh-baked bread.

I was intrigued by their pasta selection. They have your classic pasta combinations such as bolognese, alfredo and and marinara. I opted for their contemporary pastas that are light and simmered in a broth. My only complaint about the pasta we tried was that the noodles were a bit overdone. Other than that, I loved it was light.

From the contemporary menu I tried the lemon and pistachio chicken, Tuscan roasted chicken, baby spinach and roasted mushrooms in a lemon garlic broth with pistachios and parmesan. The small of this dish which is definitely sufficient for one person is $6 and the large is $9.

Interested in ordering ahead? When you order your food they will let you know when it’s ready to be picked up by.

Only real gripe is that there isn’t a big focus on local, which is always my preference. Then again, the food isn’t meant to represent local as it will likely grow like Smashburger did but I enjoyed their wine offering, fresh Tossa branded teas and Italian menu variety. It’s ideal for on-the-go without being fast-food, families or for a big group looking to grub in the evening but maybe not spend too much money.

Find Them:


Arapahoe Village | 2400 Arapahoe Avenue | Boulder, CO

PHONE:  720.214.3254
HOURS:  10:30am – 10pm