Restaurant Lovins: Turley’s in Boulder Is Local and Natural

Restaurant Lovins: Turley’s in Boulder Is Local and Natural

Admittedly, I haven’t been to Turley’s yet. I remedied that last week, on a Sunday afternoon as The Man and I ventured into their warm and conveniently located 28th street and Pearl restaurant.

As we entered the large, spacious restaurant and sat at our booth I immediately noticed the large menu and their specialty gluten-free menu. I’m not talking 1-2 dishes, this was filled with gluten-free items and they even had an awareness program. Out of all the “natural” and “aware” restaurants in Boulder, I haven’t seen something as extensive as this.

The ambiance and environment is family, relaxed and open. Wooden tables and booths line themselves throughout the interior of the restaurant, with a stocked bar in the corner near the entrance. It’s family owned by Paul and Sandy Turley and they have been serving quality, natural and organic food since 1977 in Boulder. I love seeing restaurants around for this long and in it for the long haul. This right here, shows their worth.

The Food:

We started with the jalapeno bites – fresh jalapeno halves stuffed with rich, Manchego and cream cheese topped with gluten-free bread crumbs. A fresh kick in your mouth, but not too hot.

As I went to order the veggie burger for my entree, our kind and attentive waiter stopped me and mentioned, “I see you’ve ordered the veggie burger so I just wanted to be sure you knew, the jalapeno’s come with chorizo sauce over the top. Would you want it on the side?” Of course, I obliged since I don’t eat red meat and I was immediately impressed at his cognizance.

The veggie burger was handmade and a Turley’s Original. It’s made from rolled oats, organic soy beans, a variety of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. It was served with onion, lettuce, tomato and topped with homemade guacamole. The veggie burger was hearty and just the right amount of density. I ordered my choice if goat cheese, making for an even more indulgent and creamy taste (you can choose your cheese). I chose sweet potato fries as my side – they were warm, glistening with olive oil and had a hint of cinnamon-like sweetness.

The Man ordered the bacon cheddar burger with classic Meyer beef (a local, Loveland, CO company) with cheese, natural bacon, red onions, tomatoes and pickles with a unique twist of roasted red pepper canola mayonnaise (lettuce wrap, sans bun). For his side, he chose steamed vegetables. He noted the burger was juicy and tasted fresh. He also licked his plate clean.

Satisfied from our meal, we couldn’t muster dessert, but I opted for one of their notorious smoothies. I chose the Sunset Beach with orange juice, strawberries and bananas. It was fresh and a healthy, sweet alternative.

The menu caters to everyone needs from traditional pub-like food like burgers and sandwiches, to ceviche de pescado, to pasta to their taste of Mexico menu items. They readily offer gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian dishes, as well. Their full, fresh juice bar even has organic wheatgrass juice for your health fix. Throughout the menu you also see items marked as “LF” = lower fat and “NF” = no fat to help keep you conscious.

The Philosophy:

Turley’s emphasizes their commitment to local, fresh, environmentalism, awareness and food that is better for you naturally. This may have been the thing I was most impressed with: their ethics and ability to communicate this honestly to their customers.

This is just a sampling of some of the local producers and farmers they serve across their menu. This is inserted in the menu, so customers are full aware. Immediately, I felt more at home and at ease.

Colorado Restaurant Connection Video:

To summarize Turley’s, my friends at Colorado Restaurant Connection put together a great video of Turley’s. Check them out:


Find Them:

2805 Pearl Street | 303.442.2800

Twitter: @Turleys_Boulder | Facebook: Turley’s Restaurant

Disclaimer: I am a Colorado Restaurant Connection food blogger. They’re awesome, so are their restaurant clients. They covered my bill, and all opinions are strictly my own.