Boulder Whole Foods on Pearl Re-Opening

Boulder Whole Foods on Pearl Re-Opening

The Boulder Whole Foods on Pearl Street’s long-awaited, grand re-opening has arrived – starting August 13-14, with an upcoming benefit concert on August 19th.

With the recent expansion, this makes the Boulder Whole Foods 79,000 square feet in size and the largest store in Colorado. They also acquired the 10,000 square foot liquor store neighboring their store. Good call.

You can tell this store isn’t just another Whole Foods plopped down in a city. It’s filled with Boulder-centric features and a mural of Boulder (painted by a Boulderite himself).

My favorite new section? Their community, interactive cooking department.

Teamed up with the famed food blog, Food52, Whole Foods’ Cooking Boulder department has a cooking coach on duty to answer your questions, discuss cooking ideas and menu items with shoppers.

“Bringing together community and cooking, the Whole Foods Market Cooking Department celebrates home cooks — people stirring things up in household kitchens large and small. This welcoming space is designed to inspire and encourage cooks of all kinds to explore the joys of preparing meals for themselves, their families and their friends. Shoppers can chat with each other, check out seasonal menu ideas and cooking demonstrations, and get practical kitchen advice.” – Whole Foods – What’s Cooking Boulder

Throughout the department, in between the bins of flours, sugar, and grains you can find mounted iPads featuring an app designed by Food52 with a multitude of recipes and Foodpickle, which allows you to ask a question about food and receive an answer via text and email.

They’ve also ramped up the online component for with recipe contests and prizes, real-time food Q&A and original blog posts on cooking techniques, local producers and in-store events and specials. This allows you to stay in the know, learn more about food, cooking and local food – online, offline and in-person at the store.

Whole Foods Love Their Local Community, Even Bloggers:

Recently, I was invited to their pre-grand opening with other Colorado food bloggers for a tour and a delicious meal. Besides all the already listed reasons for appreciating the finishing touches of this Whole Foods, the icing on the cake is that they are walking the talk as community. I was impressed with their kindness, welcoming local food lovers and bloggers and hosting us over a two-hour meal in their new patio.

It was great to see Amanda Hesser from Food52 (also food columnist at New York Times) who flew in for the event and spoke about what community, food, family and friends meant to her.

Here are some of the photos from our night:

I’m not the only one who is impressed with the community and breadth of knowledge at the new Boulder Whole Foods. See what my fellow, local food bloggers have to say: I Cook, He Drinks; Formation of a Foodie; What’s Cooking In Boulder.

Thanks to Whole Foods (and Ryan, of course) for inviting us, hosting us, welcoming us and building such a wonderful community around food and Boulder.

Find Them:

Whole Foods Boulder | 2905 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

Twitter: @WFMBoulder

Facebook: Facebook/WholeFoodsBoulder

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