Wine and Cheese Party – Favor Fun

Wine and cheese. A perfect pair. A pair I really can’t get enough of.

I really love entertaining and although we just have a two bedroom apartment that’s not very big, we have an open kitchen and living room so we make do. It’s all about the company and the food anyway, right?

I recently hosted a cheese and wine party through a sponsorship with No, this was completely unrelated to a wedding, but they have a fun section for customized party favors and hostess items for any event.

I customized some napkins with the quote from The Godfather, “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” I’m going to have these napkins for a long time and even beyond this party, put them out and always get a smile from guests.

I wanted to provide gifts for guests, so I customized some stemless wine glasses with the quote, “In vino veritas.”

Wine and Cheese

Guests came in and could pick up their wine glass, then keep it after they were done drinking out of it for the evening. As a host, I think it’s a nice touch to give something special to guests. It doesn’t have to be big like a wine glass, but perhaps a wrapped up piece of chocolate or something for them to remember the evening by.

Wine glasses as gifts

I picked a sampling of 10 different cheese from hard, to soft, to stinky blue. I always prefer to have a sweet and savory spread to go with the crackers or bread I put out so I included a triple berry jam we made this summer at a local farm and a dijon mustard. Including other textures like mixed nuts, fruit and varying sausage or salami are usually also included. It allows you to pick the perfect bite, but include enough variety for guests who have varying taste preferences.

Side note: I wrote a post on my friend Nomadic Foodie’s blog on the art of the cheese plate. It has a lot of tips on how to orchestrate and pair your cheese plates.

The evening was a success and as you can see from the spread, no one left hungry.

Wine and cheese plate

What are your favorite hosting tips? What type of gifts do you like to give guests when they attend a food gathering at your home?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post and opinions as always, are all my own. Thanks to for supplying us with the wine glasses and fun napkins!