Winter Wine Roundup

Winter Wine Roundup

I’m always on the lookout for wines, appropriate for the season (how I like my food). There are many wines that are, in my opinion, timeless but with Thanksgiving just past us and winter brewing into the holiday season I’ve rounded up (with help of course) four wines that I think you will love.

The first that stole my heart?

A 2008 Hullabaloo Zinfandel from Lodi, California. This Zin had dark raspberry and a peppery cherry flavor that is just enough spice with forward fruit flavors. This wine that was aged in American Oak was one of my favorites out of the case I tried, put together by my friend James (in the wine business).

Average price: $17.00

2006 Chateau de Lugagnac from Bordeaux, France. This is a blend of 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon. With fruity overtones, it has a complex aromatic nose creating an overall well-rounded and smooth wine.

Average price: $16.00

2009 Lamadrid Bonarda. This Argentinian wine is a Bonarda grape and it’s the first time I’ve had it. I like it and it sways from the typical Argentenian Malbec I frequent. This is an old vine Zinfandel without the typical sweet finish that is prevalent in most California Zin’s. There’s a light smokiness with a mixture of bold fruits. This wine would be great with hearty burgers or even BBQ.

Average price $13.00


2009 Onix Priorat Classic from the Priorat region of Spain. I learned that Priorat is known for their slate filled soil in the vineyards, which is tasted in the wine. The vines are over 60 years old! With flavors of black plum, black cherry and nutmeg this i a perfect deep Winter wine. It’s a good wine for drinking young as it’s not overly tannic. Good wine for duck, chicken thighs, lean roast beef.
Average price: $13.00

What are some wines that you love this holiday season? What are you pairing them with?
Special thanks to James of WineCruco for helping select a variety of Fall/Winer appropriate wines to help Grace(full) Plate pair food and wine with!