Zaza Raw, Organic Desserts

I met Elisabeth Saucier of Zaza Raw at a 4th of July party up in the mountains and she was sweetly offering sweet morsels (as I like to call little desserts, that hit the sweet spot perfectly) to guests.

I was intrigued by Elisebeth’s story (Zaza was her nickname growing up) and loved how she was offering a dessert that was still delectable but was gluten-free, raw, organic and dairy-free. Not to mention, supporting local is a favorite of mine as she is based out of Boulder.

Elisabeth’s children were experiencing reactions and allergies to food and she felt inclined to offer something that her children could enjoy (and others with similar allergies) without having them feel like they couldn’t indulge in anything. In her own words:

Once we identified and eliminated gluten, soy and dairy my kids and I needed to figure out how to navigate the daily challenges of a specialized diet.

I wanted my kids to be able to go to a friend’s birthday party and share the joy of cupcakes and other desserts.

When I discovered that raw food was gluten free, dairy free and amazingly good I began creating kid friendly vegan, raw desserts.

I spent a few years challenging myself to create healthier and more interesting raw desserts.

In the spring 2011, I started Zaza Raw to make raw, uncooked dessert available to others.

Elisabeth gave me some of her desserts to try for myself.

I loved these raw coco-nut squares. These are dairy free, soy free and gluten free. They have a base of pecans, walnuts, raisins, dry coconut, raw cacao and raw agave nectar. The texture was soft and smooth and the coconut really came forward as the predominant taste.

As you can see, I could barely contain myself while I shared some of these goodies with co-workers and we didn’t even make it to plating the dessert.

The Raw Chocolate Ganache in particular, was the one that tasted the least like it didn’t have gluten or dairy (if both those ingredients are your thing and you’re skeptical, try that one).

I love that Elisabeth is not only helping guide her children’s plight in food allergies, while still enjoying delicious food, but also for everyone else around her. It’s such a delight to try and experiment with food even if you don’t have an intolerance, I encourage you try to her desserts.

In Mid-September, Elisabeth is working on some new changes aesthetically to her brand but also with some of the desserts. You can expect to see a raw brownie (I tried these, they were my favorite out of the whole bunch!) and even more chocolate, in the chocolate cheesecake. Be on the lookout!

Find Them:

You can find Zaza Raw at Whole Foods Market through the Rocky Mountain Region, Alfalfas (Boulder), Bodywork Bistro (Boulder) and Rally Sports (Boulder). | | @ZaZaRaw