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How To Make Paleo Orange Sweet Potato Parsley Juice

Some people might see a paleo diet as restrictive, but we see it as an opportunity. When you have certain Dietary restrictions, you are more likely to get creative with how you consume your nutrients, how you eat, and what you eat.

How To Make Paleo Orange Sweet Potato Parsley Juice

Being on a paleo diet means that most smoothies and juices are 100% enjoyable for you, as long as you make them.

So many pre-made products are riddled with added sugars, flavors, and unnecessary ingredients and preservatives that paleo-dieters just can’t have them.

But, when you learn how to make these things yourself, everything changes, and becomes more delicious! 

So, have you ever had a craving for a unique orange juice, perhaps with a tasty garnish? Yeah? So have we, so let us tell you how you can make your own juices, worry free!

What Is Juicing?

Juicing is just like eating whole fruits and vegetables, except you skip the whole chewing part. Juicing is simply the extraction of juice from a vegetable or fruit. The resulting liquid will contain most of the minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients in the fruit. 

Many believe juicing to be even healthier than eating fresh fruit and vegetables, due to your body being able to absorb the nutrition faster, while giving your digestive system a rest. However, whether this is actually true is another thing.

There is no solid proof to say that this is actually the case. 

Yet, juicing can be a nice break from eating fruit and vegetables, allowing you to enjoy these foods in a different way.

How To Juice?

How To Juice?

Juicing also allows you to separate the juice and the pulp from the flesh of fruits, you can part the pulp from the juice as well if you want a 100% juice 0% pulp morning beverage. 

You can juice with a juicer, or with a blender. However, if you do not like pulp, then juicing with a blender can be more difficult and requires more time.

Using Juicers

To start juicing, get your ingredients, as well as a juicer. Dedicated juicing machines are the most convenient way to make juice, they are also made to remove the juice from the flesh and pulp of the vegetable or fruit. 

However, if you do not have a juicer, you can use a normal blender. However, once you have puréed the fruit and vegetables you will then need to press the smoothie through a cheesecloth or similar cloth to separate the pulp from the juice. 

Before you juice any fruit or vegetable, make sure that you wash your ingredients thoroughly to remove any bugs, bacteria, or dirt. Then, pat them dry.

Do not forget to remove skins and pits from fruits and vegetables. Thin skins, cores, and stems will not need to be removed if using a juicer.

Larger fruit and vegetables will need to be chopped up into smaller pieces prior to blending also.

Assemble your juicer or blender and juice the ingredients. With a blender, it is fine to place all ingredients in at once. However, with a blender, simply turn the device on and introduce your ingredients one by one.

Once juiced, if using multiple ingredients, stir all juices together for a clean mix before you serve.

Using The Right Ingredients

For our recipe, we use oranges, sweet potatoes, and parsley. 

To prep these, ensure you peel the orange and remove the pits, peel the sweet potatoes, and chop them up, the parsley is fine on its own, however, as the parsley is mainly intended as a garnish.

To Pulp, Or Not To Pulp?

The biggest debate among many is whether to include pulp in juices. If you are new to juicing, we will display both sides of the argument.

Some people will avoid the pulp in juices, simply because the pulp can be unpleasant, and many people do not like how it feels in their mouths.

However, some researchers looked into it and found that removing pulp also means a loss of fiber, which could be resulting in a spike in blood sugar levels, more than when we eat the whole food, which can cause high cholesterol and diabetes. 

Pulp is actually where a lot of nutrition such as fiber is concentrated, polyphenols and antioxidants are in the pulp too. So, many people are now switching to including the pulp in their juices, to increase the health benefits it brings.


For our juice, use these ingredients:

  • Lemon/Lime, 1 whole.
  • Oranges, x3.
  • Sweet potatoes, x2 large.
  • Parsley, 1 handful. 

This is all you need for this juice, the parsley is just decorative as a garnish and does not get juiced/blended.

How To: Step-By-Step

Step 1: Prepare your juicer or blender, and the ingredients. You will need to peel the oranges and remove any pits. Use a lemon juicer on the lemon or lime. Peel your sweet potatoes and chop them up into small chunks. The chunks may need to be smaller for a blender than a juicer. 

Step 2: Once all ingredients are prepared, turn on your juicer and add the ingredients bit by bit. If using a blender, add all the ingredients, starting with the sweet potato as it will be the hardest. 

Step 3: If using a juicer then simply mix the juices. However, if using a blender, you may wish to strain the pulp out of the mixture using a cheesecloth, sieve, or other implement. However, this is up to you. When done, pour a glass. 

Step 4: Garnish with parsley and enjoy! 


It does not take much to craft a delicious beverage like this. Sweet potato and orange can create a very nutritious and healthy beverage, with the added lemon/lime it makes for a citrus but filling drink. Why not start your day with it? But, will you keep the pulp?
Justin Roberts