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15 Amazing Keto Lamb Recipes To Make At Home

The keto diet is all about forcing your body to burn fat rather than carbs but cutting out carb-rich foods from your diet.

In its place, you should focus on eating foods that are rich in natural fats and contain no carbs. One of the best foods for this is lamb. Lamb is high in natural fats but is also low in carbs.

15 Amazing Keto Lamb Recipes To Make At Home

It’s also a great source of protein like other red meats are – so a lot of people on the keto diet try to add lamb as much as possible into their diet. 

But how? 

If you are looking for more ways to bring lamb into your keto diet, then here are 15 amazing recipes for you to try.

Each one is keto-friendly and uses lamb so they’re great dishes to try out so you can eat more lamb. Check them out in the list below, and maybe find some new favorite recipes! 

1. Keto Lamb Curry

Curries are fragrant, rich, spicy meals that are super filling and super tasty – so a lot of people on keto diets want to find the right curry recipe for them.

There are tons of options out there but this amazing recipe will show you how to make a keto-friendly lamb curry. 

It’s got a fair amount of spice to it and it comes with that intoxicating curry aroma, but it’s also super nutritious and low in carbs! This makes it the best lamb curry recipe to try out if you are on a keto diet!  

2. Keto Pan Seared Lamb Chops

If you are looking for a simple but delicious way to cook lamb for any kind of meal, then this is the recipe for you.

This recipe will show you how to pan-sear lamb chops in a keto-friendly way so you can quickly rustle up a full meal by combining a range of sides. 

These tasty lamb chops work great with a ton of other keto side dishes, so give this recipe a try so you can learn how to master preparing lamb! 

3. Keto Lamb Shanks

Lamb shanks are the ultimate comfort food. They’re tender, juicy, and deeply infused with a ton of flavor and aromatics.

This makes it a great meal to eat during important events or for days when you just want something cozy and tasty to eat. 

This recipe for lamb shanks is keto-friendly as it keeps the carbs to a minimum while making sure your lamb shanks taste absolutely amazing. It’s definitely a recipe to try out! 

4. Keto Lamb Stew

Enjoy this recipe for a keto lamb stew with or without a fluffy bed of cauliflower rice. It’s a great comfort food that is also super easy to make.

So, if you ever find yourself craving a hot bowl of stew, you know that this keto lamb stew recipe will have your back. 

This stew features a ton of great flavors thanks to all the seasoning through rosemary, black pepper, and garlic cloves.

There are also lots of other ingredients added to help give the stew more flavor and body, including mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. 

5. Keto Lamb Kebabs 

Kebabs are a classic often cooked and enjoyed at barbecues, and they’re also a great way to get more lamb into your diet.

Although traditional kebabs usually use pork meat or chicken, this recipe uses lamb instead for a meaty, tasty treat. 

You can also take it a step further and add some veggies onto the skewers too, like peppers or mushrooms, or dip your skewers into a prepared keto dip. The choice is yours! 

6. Keto Shepherd’s Pie 

Shepherd’s pie is a delicious comfort food often enjoyed on cold, wet evenings. It’s super filling and really nutritious, and it’s possible for you to make a keto-friendly version of this classic.

This recipe will show you how to do just that with a meaty lamb filling and cheesy cauliflower mash on top! 

Although this recipe requires quite a few ingredients and takes a while to make, it’s definitely worth it and it’s a keto meal that will fill the stomachs of the whole family! 

7. Keto Lamb Meatballs

 Meatballs are an incredibly popular dish because they are so tasty and so filling. However, traditional meatballs are usually made using pork or beef – but you can also make lamb meatballs! 

This recipe will show you how to make your own batch of keto lamb meatballs so you can add them to other sides to make a filling meal.

Why not add them to some zoodles, or make a delicious sauce to mix them in? There are lots of options out there – but this recipe will help you nail the lamb meatballs no matter what! 

8. Keto Lamb And Cabbage Bowls 

This simple recipe is a great option if you want a quick and easy meal all cooked in one pot.

Not only does it contain lamb, but a ton of other great keto ingredients like cabbage, and cauliflower rice so you get all the nutrients you need. 

A classic keto lamb and cabbage bowl is a great option for lunch but also you can just add more ingredients to make a larger batch for dinner or group meals. It’s versatile, easy, and super tasty!   

9. Keto Zucchini Boats with Lamb 

Zucchini boats are one fun way to serve your meal and they’re super versatile as you can stuff them with anything you like!

Of course, we’re talking about lamb keto dishes here so of course, this recipe will show you how to make keto-friendly zucchini boats stuffed with lamb. 

It’s filling and a great way to get a balanced meal. You can eat one for lunch or add a few sides to turn it into a larger meal – whatever you prefer!

Either way, this is definitely a fun recipe you will enjoy making and eating! 

10. Keto Lamb Steaks

Lamb steaks are a great way to substitute lamb onto your plate in place of other kinds of steaks or pieces of poultry.

They’re meaty, filling, and super tasty when cooked in a certain method.

This recipe will show you how to make Moroccan lamb steaks which have a sharp, zesty sauce thanks to the amount of seasoning and lemon.

This makes it a great recipe to try out in the summer when you need something refreshing! 

11. Keto Roasted Lamb

This dish is a popular choice for big roast dinners, especially in the springtime. Instead of opting for roast beef or chicken, try getting a shoulder of lamb to roast instead. 

Roasting lamb is easy to do but it’s important that you use the right seasoning to help enhance the flavor of this juicy meat.

To do this, just follow the recipe above and you will soon have a delicious shoulder of roasted lamb, ready to be served alongside your veggies and potato substitute!  It’s easy! 

12. Keto Lamb Burgers

Cheeseburgers are a super trendy dish but you can easily swap out the beef patties for ones made of lamb instead. This way, you can make delicious lamb burgers! 

To keep things keto, this recipe will guide you through all the adjustments and substitutions you need to make. This includes swapping out the carb-heavy burger buns for a much lighter lettuce-based salad. 

13. Keto Sticky Lamb Riblets 

Do you love the flavor of BBQ? It’s sweet and tangy and a little bit smokey – so what’s not to love?

BBQ goes with pretty much any kind of meat, including lamb, so it makes sense to try out some BBQ lamb in your keto diet. 

This recipe here will show you how to make the perfect batch of keto-friendly sticky BBQ lamb riblets.

They’re the ideal choice for sports nights and outdoor barbecues, and they will help you easily bring some tasty lamb into your diet! 

14. Keto Lamb Fajitas 

Fajitas are a family-favorite meal because not only are they delicious but you can add whatever fillings you like. This makes it super easy to make your own keto lamb fajitas.

The recipe above not only guides you through how to prepare the lamb for your keto fajitas but also a ton of other ingredients too.

This includes peppers, chilis, jalapenos, cauliflower rice, and even extras like salsa and avocado! This means that this is definitely the best recipe for keto fajitas, yet alone keto lamb fajitas! 

15. Keto Tandoori Lamb Cutlets 

The final recipe in our list is this entry for keto tandoori lamb cutlets. They’re spicy and very aromatic, making them a perfect choice for a salad lunch or dinner!

So, if you don’t feel like making a full curry but you still want some well-seasoned lamb meat, this is the recipe for you. 

Final Thoughts

Lamb is a great meat to try and incorporate into your keto diet and there are lots of ways to do just that.

Check out the list above for some of the best keto lamb recipes, pick out your favorites, and give them a try! 

Justin Roberts