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Top 15 Amazing Keto Hot Dog Recipes To Make At Home

If you’re following a keto diet then you might think that you can’t enjoy a hot dog!

Top 15 Amazing Keto Hot Dog Recipes To Make At Home

This isn’t the case. There are lots of different hot dog recipes that are suitable for a keto diet. 

If you love hot dogs, then you should give some of these recipes a try today!

You won’t be disappointed with some of these delicious recipes, and the whole family will love these dishes! 

1. Best Keto Dogs Recipe 

This is a delicious keto hot dog recipe, using a fantastic bread substitute. This recipe will not take very long to make, and it is delicious. 

It will require you to melt together mozzarella and cream cheese, before making the batter from almond flour, baking powder, and salt.

This recipe will make 8 ropes of batter which can be wrapped around the hot dogs. 

This is a delicious recipe that the whole family will love, make sure you make some extras because they’re sure to ask for more!

2. Keto Hot Dogs 

This dish is delicious. They are beef hot dogs that are wrapped in fathead dough. These are then brushed with egg yolks and topped with bagel seasonings. 

These bagel dogs are very easy to make. They can be whipped up in under 30 minutes, and they are made with some simple and affordable ingredients. 

These hot dogs can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days so you can make them in advance and then heat them back up in the microwave or the oven.

3. Ultimate Keto Sausage Rolls

These low-carb sausage rolls are delicious. You can make a batch of these sausage rolls up and have them ready for a quick snack, lunch, or dinner option!

They can be stored in the fridge. 

These sausage rolls are similar to American hot dogs although there are some differences.

The main difference is that these sausages are raw, and they are baked directly with the bread.

The dough on these sausage rolls is fluffy and soft, and it crisps up on the outside. These sausage rolls are delicious when served both warm or cold.

4. Keto Chili Dog Casserole Recipe

This keto chili dog casserole is a great recipe for the whole family! It is perfect for those who love comfort food and it will go down well with the kids.

This is a low-carb chili dog recipe. You’ll want to make sure that you make plenty of this recipe because your guests will want seconds! 

This dish is great served on its own or with a salad on the side. If you want to add a bun to these delicious hot dogs, a tortilla wrap will work very well.

5. Keto Chili Dog Skillet 

This is easy to make and it doesn’t take long to cook. It is suitable for the whole family, and will have everyone wanting more! 

These hot dogs are filled with savory and spicy flavors, and they are topped off with a delicious layer of cheese.

This recipe is great because it only requires a few simple and affordable ingredients. It is a great meal to cook for those who are following a keto diet.

6. Keto Chili Cheese Dogs

These keto chili cheese dogs are delicious. They contain all of the best ingredients of a hot dog without the carbs that are in the bun.

This dish is easy to make, low in carbs, and gluten-free so it is suitable for lots of different diets. 

This dish is perfect for a winter’s evening as it makes the best comfort food. This dish is rich in protein and filled with fresh vegetables.

This dish can be better than any non-keto hot dog dish! 

This dish is also fantastic because it is a great dish for both kids and adults.

7. Low-Carb Hot Dog Buns

This is a great recipe for hot dog buns. If you want a classic hot dog, but you’re following a keto diet, this recipe is perfect for hot dog buns!

This dish is easy to make and it will not disappoint. The whole family will love this recipe, and you’ll have people asking after this one! 

This is a simple solution to the lack of hot dog buns if you’re following a keto diet. This recipe is easy to make and prepare.

One great thing about this recipe is that you can make these buns ahead of time so that they can be ready whenever you want them. 

8. Best No-Bun Hot Dogs Recipe

This takes 10 minutes to prepare, and 10 minutes to bake. This recipe is super simple and it requires simple and affordable ingredients.

These hot dogs work well with yellow mustard, ketchup, and relish. They are delicious and the romaine lettuce works as the bun for these hot dogs.

9. Keto Chicago Hot Dog Recipe

This is the ultimate hot dog recipe. The toppings on this hot dog are Chicago style, and the hot dog bun is filled with a grass-fed hot dog.

Tomato, pickles, and white onion are just a few of the toppings that make this recipe delicious. 

This recipe recommends topping off this hot dog with a squirt of mustard and a sprinkle of poppy seeds! 

10. Keto Hot Dogs 

These keto hot dogs are worth a try! This dish will impress the whole family. These all-beef hot dogs are great and they go very well wrapped in low-carb tortillas.

They are then smothered with a meaty hot dog sauce and topped with lots of delicious shredded cheese. This makes for a deliciously gooey dinner. 

This recipe is the ultimate comfort food and, surprisingly, it fits well into a keto diet. This dish is great for children and the whole family will love this dish.

This is a great way to make delicious hot dogs that are low in carbs, sugars, and other ingredients that you won’t want in a keto diet.

11. Keto Chili Cheese Dog

These keto chili cheese dogs are delicious. They are wrapped in dough and smothered with melted cheddar cheese.

This dish is low-carb and they are very easy to make. All you will need to do is wrap the chili cheese dogs in fat head dough and then slather them with beef chili and melted cheese. 

This is a great dish to make as part of the weekend meal prep and the dish is loved by everyone. Your family and friends will all love this dish!

12. Low Carb Chili Dog Casserole 

This low-carb chili dog is a great mixture of hot dogs, chili, and cheese. You might think you’ll crave the not dog bun but you won’t with this dish!

It is gluten-free and keto-friendly, and it is the ultimate comfort food. 

This is a great dish if you are watching your carb intake. This recipe has a few simple ingredients and it is not too difficult to make.

You will just need to brown the ground beef, add some garlic, cumin, and chili powder and add the rest of the ingredients.

This dish will be loved by the whole family and they will be wanting more! 

13. Air Fryer Cheesy Keto Corn Dogs 

This is a great dish that is cooked in an air fryer. If you’re craving a corn dog, you may think that this wouldn’t fit into your keto diet.

You couldn’t be more wrong! This recipe is delicious and it is perfect for those who are following a low-carb or keto diet. 

This is a great dish that is made with almond flour, egg, and cheesy pork finds. This hot dog will be cooked in the air fryer for 10-15 minutes, so they are very quick and easy to make.

14. Low-Carb Keto Corn Dogs 

This is a great keto corn dog recipe. This is easy to make and it will taste exactly like those corn dogs you know and love! 

This low-carb cornbread batter works very well around juicy and delicious hot dogs. This is a very simple dish that will become a favorite low-carb dinner.

This recipe is perfect for the winter months as it will warm you up. 

This dish is perfect when dipped in some low-carb ketchup!

15. The Best Keto Bagel Dogs Recipe

This recipe is great. It is a hot dog and a bun all in one go.

This recipe is a low-carb substitute for a hot dog. It is easy to make and it requires very few ingredients.

Final Thoughts 

This article has listed 15 of the best keto hot dog recipes for you to try out at home.

You may think that you’ve given up hot dogs along with your keto diet, but this article proves that you can still enjoy delicious hot dogs alongside your diet.

Justin Roberts