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15 Amazing Paleo Brownie Recipes To Make At Home

Many people assume that you can’t enjoy various delicious foods because you’re on a paleo diet. The most significant factor of the paleo diet is that it cuts out highly processed foods, so you should focus on sustainable options.

11 Of The Very Best Paleo Brownies Recipes To Make Today

If you’re looking for sweet treats to enjoy, we can help you find the best brownies that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

Naturally, you might assume that a paleo diet won’t include brownies, but plenty of paleo brownie recipes are available for you to try, and we’ve found 15 amazing recipes you can make at home.

Many of these recipes don’t need any significantly rare ingredients, so you should have no issues finding a dessert that you and your family will love. 

1. Perfect Gluten-Free Brownies

One of the best recipes for paleo brownies belongs to this gluten-free recipe.

You will need a combination of chocolate chips, coconut oil, coconut sugar, large eggs, vanilla extract, almond flour, coconut powder, baking powder, and kosher salt.

While it may look like many ingredients, you can always substitute some of them by using different oils or sugars. While finding baking powder for paleo can be challenging, you can also replace it with baking soda.

These brownies are easy to make, and they should only take you half an hour to make yourself. 

2. The Best Paleo Brownies

As our second contender for best paleo brownies, we have these brownies that take fifty minutes to cook. You can easily make this recipe using coconut oil, dairy-free chocolate chips, eggs, coconut sugar, almond flour, and salt.

It may surprise you that these brownies only contain six ingredients and omit baking soda and baking powder.

While it may look similar to the previous recipe, the absence of baking powder or baking soda won’t impact your recipe. 

3. Flourless Paleo Brownies

These paleo brownies don’t use any flour and have eight ingredients to ensure you can enjoy healthy yet fudgy brownies. They only take thirty minutes to cook, with another fifteen minutes dedicated to cooling time.

You need coconut oil, chocolate chips, eggs, coconut sugar, pure vanilla extract, unsweetened cocoa powder, tapioca starch, fine sea salt, and chocolate chips to make them.

You can even substitute some ingredients for your preference. If you want to experiment with flavorless brownies, this is the best recipe. 

4. Sweet Potato Brownies

Sweet potato brownies are not only paleo, but they’re gluten- and dairy-free; you don’t need to worry about refined sugars.

You only need a mashed sweet potato, smooth almond butter, eggs, cacao powder, coconut sugar, baking soda, and chocolate chips to make these brownies.

However, you can also choose to remove the coconut sugar if you don’t enjoy them. These brownies are a great way to use up any sweet potatoes you have left over for your meals. 

5. Triple Fudge Coconut Flour Brownies

You can still be on a paleo diet and enjoy triple fudge brownies if you find the right recipes. These brownies only take a little over half an hour to cook and only five minutes to prepare.

You need coconut oil, honey, large eggs, coconut flour, cocoa powder, black cocoa powder, sea salt, chopped pecan pieces, and chocolate chips to make them.

Instead of sugar, you can use honey to sweeten your brownies and give them extra flavor. 

6. Grain-Free Tahini Brownies

Tahini is a popular dish in Israel, and after spending so much time there, Monique began to use tahini in her baking.

While tahini is the key ingredient, you’ll also need coconut sugar, maple syrup, vanilla extract, eggs, cocoa powder, coconut flour, baking soda, salt, chocolate chips, and coconut oil.

If you’re not a fan of coconut sugar, you can use brown sugar and replace coconut flour with almond or oat flour. After over half an hour, you can enjoy these delicious brownies. 

7. Flourless Avocado Brownies

Avocados are a surprisingly versatile ingredient and are the key ingredient to these brownies. Once you’ve peeled and pitted your avocado, you can add the other ingredients.

Purchase some almond butter, eggs, cacao powder, coconut sugar, baking powder, sea salt, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips.

When you combine these ingredients, you can have sixteen brownies to share with friends and family in less than an hour.

8. Flourless Brownie In A Mug

A brownie in a mug is one of the best options for a quick dessert. All you need are your ingredients, a mug, and your microwave. Within one minute, you’ll be able to enjoy a paleo brownie with little effort.

Get an egg, cacao powder, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and sea salt. Add your ingredients into a bowl, then pour them into a mug, and you can enjoy this dessert in no time at all. 

9. Healthy Banana Brownies

Banana bread has taken the world by storm, so it’s no surprise that this delicious fruit has also become popular in brownie recipes. Like the sweet potato brownie, you must mash the ripe bananas before you measure them.

Then, grab your almond butter, eggs, cacao powder, coconut sugar, baking soda, chocolate chips, and sea salt. It will only take half an hour to make these banana brownies, and you’ll be coming back for more soon. 

10. Beet Brownies

Not only are these beet brownies paleo, but they’re vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, egg-free, and dairy-free, and there is absolutely no refined sugar.

If you didn’t know the beets were there, you would assume they were like any other brownies.

You’ll need cooked beets, pitted dates, avocado oil, vanilla extract, almond flour, cocoa powder, salt, and dark chocolate to make this recipe. If your kids don’t like vegetables, they will soon be with this recipe. 

11. Raw Brownies

Raw brownies are a type of no-bake brownies that are rich and full of chocolate. If you enjoy fudgy textures more than anything in your brownies, these will be perfect.

All you need to make the brownies are some finely ground almond flour, cocoa powder, soaked cashews, maple syrup, and sea salt. Even the chocolate consists of cocoa powder, maple syrup, and melted coconut oil.

You don’t need any chocolate chips, and once you’ve chilled your brownies, you can enjoy this fabulous dessert.

12. Salted Caramel Brownies

You may not think you can enjoy salted caramel brownies while on a paleo diet, but you absolutely can! These fudgy brownies are simple to make, and the caramel has no dairy in it, either.

You’ll need coconut oil, dairy-free chocolate chips, maple syrup, eggs, vanilla, cacao powder, coconut flour, and salt for your brownies. Of course, if you don’t have paleo-friendly maple syrup, consider using honey instead. 

The caramel topping consists of pitted dates, sunflower butter, warm water, vanilla extract, and flaky sea salt. If you want to enjoy your caramel fix, you can start with this recipe.

However, if you can’t find sunflower butter, consider buying some paleo caramel sauce from the store. 

13. Chocolate Cherry Brownies

The best part of these brownies is the numerous cherries you can bake into this recipe. It doesn’t matter if you use fresh or frozen cherries; the most important thing is that you remove the pips.

However, you shouldn’t think about using dried cherries, as you don’t want to ruin the brownies with a sour flavor.

Use your usual coconut oil, unsweetened chocolate, coconut sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips. You can also use arrowroot powder or cornstarch, depending on your preference. 

14. Flourless Turtle Brownies

These turtle brownies don’t contain any flour, but they do have chocolate, pecans, and caramel.

All you need to make them is pecan butter, pure maple syrup, an egg, coconut oil, vanilla extract, dark cocoa powder, baking soda, paleo caramel sauce, and some chopped pecans.

You can also make your own caramel sauce if you don’t have paleo caramel sauce available. Once you complete these brownies, you’ll love their flavor and their distinct appearance. 

15. Cassava Flour Brownies

You may notice that these brownies look like the real thing. However, they are separated by them as you make them with cassava flour. Cassava flour is ground cassava root, so it’s grain-free and has a nutty and earthy flavor.

You will also need some coconut sugar, eggs, coconut oil, dark chocolate chips, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and a pinch of sea salt if you prefer.

In less than 40 minutes, you’ll be able to understand why so many are switching to cassava flour. 

Final Thoughts

Many people assume that paleo diets mean that you can’t be experimental with your cooking. However, if you have the right ingredients and the right mindset, you won’t have any issues finding the best recipes.

We hope that with the help of our guide, you won’t have any challenges experimenting with this vast collection of paleo brownie recipes.

You don’t need to invest in a lot of complicated ingredients, and you can find new ways to enjoy brownies.

We hope that you found this guide helpful, and feel free to check out some of our other favorite paleo recipes. 

Justin Roberts