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10 Best Paleo Beef Recipes To Try Today

Paleo diets are fast becoming some of the most popular diets that you can find out there, and it’s not hard to see why.

The appeal of stripping your diet (back to basics as far as food items eaten for the diet (the jury is out on how accurate this is) is certainly tempting, cutting out a lot of excess processed foods and sugars being an appealing way of regulating your body weight.

10 Best Paleo Beef Recipes To Try Today

However, this also comes at a price. One of the main nutrients that you’ll be eating a lot of in a paleo diet is protein.

And unless you are prepared to start chowing down on nuts a lot more often, finding enough protein for the diet through your meat dishes is a tall order and an expensive one at that.

For many meat lovers, this means that this diet is out of their price range, no matter how hard they try.

However, if you have the right recipes, you’ll find that not only is the paleo diet both helpful for your lifestyle and your taste buds, but is also not tough on your wallet either!

We have collected some of the best beef recipes that work with a paleo diet that you can try for yourself today, as proof that just because you are dieting, doesn’t mean that you can’t eat well (see also “15 Best Bone Broth Recipes Paleo To Try Today“)!

Grain-Free Enchiladas

Starting this list with perhaps one of the most popular types of dishes on this list.

Enchiladas are some of the most widely made main course dishes across the country, so making a version of this classic staple of many dinner tables will help turn what can otherwise be a difficult diet to maintain into something that is not just easy to keep up, but one that the diet actively encourages with good food and recipes.

This particular enchilada recipe manages to have all the great flavor that you love in them, while also having no grain items in it either, something that the paleo diet tries to shun in favor of something more… rustic.

In that regard, this recipe is a total success!

Ground Beef Stir-Fry

Like the enchiladas that we covered before, stir-fries are a universally popular dish that pretty much everyone has tried at least once. So, having a paleo-friendly recipe of this type will make keeping up the diet even easier.

Fortunately, unlike enchiladas, which arguably have a lot of processed/cultivated/manufactured ingredients to them, stir-fries can easily be made with simple meat and vegetable ingredients that you can find pretty much anywhere.

This particular recipe uses plenty of broccoli, carrots, and minced beef to create a mouthwatering good recipe (see also: 10 Superb Low Calorie Ground Beef Recipes Everyone Will)for you to try out for yourself, all given a fantastic glaze/sauce that still stays within paleo guidelines.

Not only that, but stir fries like this one are also some of the quickest recipes that you can make, with this one only taking 20 minutes to make at most!

Paleo Shabu Shabu Beef Dinner Recipe

Folks who aren’t familiar with Japanese may be wondering what exactly a shabu shabu dish is.

While there’s plenty to talk about here (too much for us to discuss in-depth), shabu shabu is effectively a Japanese hotpot dish that consists of a rich broth and thinly sliced meats and vegetables being cooked inside it, alongside a dipping sauce.

If that explanation has your mouth watering as much as ours, then you’ll be thrilled to know that not only are there plenty of recipes for you to try like this, but there are even versions that can be made for paleo diets too, including this one right here.

Plus, with a cooking time of less than half an hour, you’ll find that this is another amazing recipe that can be made very quickly, making it even more appealing to add to your routine dishes.

You can add pretty much any kind of vegetable you might want to this dish, too (as long as it’s paleo-friendly, of course)!

Beef Stroganoff

When discussing paleo diets at first, you may have in your mind the idea that paleo-diet meals are very simple and rustic, and don’t need to be complex.

Enjoyable, for sure, but not exactly… ideal for refined recipes that have a lot of elements to them, if that makes sense.

However, as we’re hopefully helping you realize with this recipe list, that couldn’t be further from the truth. And it is recipes like this beef stroganoff that nail home just how amazing paleo dishes can get!

While any versions of beef stroganoff (including this one) would normally ask for sour cream as an important ingredient, you can use coconut cream in place of it, making this stroganoff recipe one that is easily made friendly for people with dairy allergies!

Mexican Ground Beef

We return to the flavors of Central America with this next dish!

Ground beef is a staple ingredient in both Mexican cuisine and paleo diets, so you can imagine what a ground beef recipe that combines these two could do for making your diet both easier and packed with flavor!

Packed to the brim with not just beef, but also plenty of bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and plenty of other green goods, this is a very healthy recipe for everyone, not just for paleo-dieters.

If you’re looking to add a few sides, cauliflower rice is a very great option if you’re looking to stick with the paleo rules (or regular or Mexican rice if you’re not), or even packing this into a burrito or nacho bowl if you’re not tied to the paleo-diet.

This recipe has tons of potential, so try it out for yourself!

Paleo BBQ Brisket Recipe

Ah, beef brisket. Arguably the king of pretty much any grill out it shows up at, beef brisket can often feel like a tough nut to crack even without a diet to worry about (metaphorically, of course), especially when factoring in a BBQ seasoning for good measure.

How exactly are you going to get these pristine results from something that is supposed to be paleo free!?

Well, it turns out, you do it by following this recipe!

Like with regular beef briskets, the trick with this recipe will be plenty of preparation time for your beef, as well as the patience to not take it off of your grill or smoker before it is ready.

If you can already nail that, then you’ve got no excuse to give this recipe a whirl!

Mongolian Beef

Mongolian cuisine might not be the first thought that comes to your head when thinking of world-renowned recipes for beef, much less for paleo diets.

And to that, we say shame on you!

Joking aside, Mongolian meals are an untapped wealth of amazing flavor possibilities, and can easily be adapted to many diets that you may be trying!

Healthy 20-Minute Korean Beef Bowl

Now, if you’re looking for the best beef recipes for paleo (see also: 11 Best Asian Paleo Recipes To Try Today)diets that can be made in a flash, it would be criminal of us to not show Korean cuisine a little respect, especially with recipes like this!

Packed with plenty of flavors that appeal to any palette, as well as plenty of healthy nutrients, this is a recipe for the whole family, whether they’ve gone paleo or otherwise.

Plus, with this recipe clocking in at 20 minutes to make at most, this is another quick meal that you can make in a flash.

While this recipe normally asks for standard kinds of rice like pilau or long grain, if you’re sticking with paleo, we recommend serving this one with cauliflower rice.

Slow Cooker Brisket, Carrot, and Beet Casserole

Moving back to brisket meals for a hot second, beef brisket that has been perfectly cooked might be the best ingredient that you can add to a casserole dish to make it an instant food hit in your house.

Fortunately, the version that we have included here is also perfect for paleo tummies!

If you want to help your family eat healthier, this is a great beef dish to do it with!

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a recipe that pretty much everyone will have at least tried before, if not made themselves.

Packed full of minced beef goodness, and complemented by both plenty of vegetables underneath it, and a blanket of mashed potatoes over it, there might not be a more cozy recipe out there.

When we learned that you can even make this phenomenal recipe fit for paleo diets, we simply had to include it here!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it!

The urge to turn back the dietary clock not just to pre-modern times, but pre-civilizations completely, can certainly seem like a strange option to those outside of it.

This is probably why many people aren’t sure about starting it for themselves, as well as there not being as many recipes for this as there are for other fad diets such as the Atkins or keto diets.

However, hopefully, this recipe list has shown you that not only are there plenty of recipes that you can try, but that many of them are amazing and delicious in their own right, whilst still being possible to make for anyone (especially meat lovers!)

Justin Roberts