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10 Tasty Paleo Recipes For Weight Loss You’ll Love

When it comes to diets that can help you lose weight, you have a wide variety of options available to you, many with mixed results.

Paleo Recipes For Weight Loss

However, perhaps one of the most interesting to appear over the last few years is the paleo diet.

This particular dieting strategy attempts to emulate the sorts of foods that would have been eaten by people thousands of years ago before widespread farming and grain became staple parts of most of our diets.

While this is a relatively new diet, with extensive research still underway to understand if or how it works, the appeal is undeniable.

In a world where so many of our foods seem to be processed or fattening in some way, why wouldn’t you want to see if returning to a simpler palette might help you control your weight?

If this kind of diet seems like it would be interesting to you, and want to see what kinds of meals you can make within this strategy, then make sure that you check out this list of amazing weight-losing paleo recipes we have gathered (see also “10 Best Healthy Paleo Recipes To Try Today“)!

Creamy Lemon Chicken With Asparagus And Mushrooms

Starting this list off with a heartwarming dish that will bring you all the comforts of home cooking in a paleo-friendly and healthy package, we have this tasty chicken and mushroom recipe for you!

This is a textbook example of the kinds of food that people are encouraged to eat when they are on a paleo diet.

You’ll find plenty of lean meat, like this chicken, as well as a lot of vegetables and mushroom-based dishes, and little to no grain items like pasta or rice.

This particular creamy lemon chicken recipe should be served with a slice of lemon to better accentuate the chicken’s flavors.

The recipe, despite being decadently creamy and delicious, is dairy-free too, meaning that even lactose-intolerant folks can enjoy a paleo meal without compromising other aspects of their health.

Slow Cooker Beef Curry

Who doesn’t love a good beef curry? They’re a staple of many cuisines across the world, with thousands of different versions being created almost every day.

And with how filling and belly-warming they are, how could anyone not love this dish?

This particular curry recipe uses lean beef and a slow cooker to create a curry that practically melts in your mouth, thanks to the plenty of time that this recipe takes to let the curry stew!

Now, this is a recipe that you’re going to have to be patient for, as the cooking time usually comes out to around 8 hours, which may have some people worried.

However, that 8 hours is a low-maintenance cooking time, meaning that so long as you’re somewhat nearby, this is a recipe that doesn’t have to be hovered over and micromanaged.

Simply let it do its thing, and you’ll have an amazing curry for the whole family.

Plus, with only 5 minutes needed to prepare your ingredients, there’s very little that you need to do. It is the perfect lazy Sunday meal to make!

20-Minute Paleo Cashew Chicken Recipe

Going from the recipe with perhaps the longest cooking time on this list, to one of the quickest, we have a delicious chicken and cashew meal for you to try out!

Cashews are a very lightly flavored nut that makes them an excellent ingredient to cook with for many people, and it is a result that you can see for yourself in this dish!

Plus, with a cooking time that takes as little as 20 minutes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a full meal that can be whipped up quicker out there!

Plus, with plenty of options for extra vegetables and sauce that you can add, this is also one of the most versatile and adaptable for your tastes.

Want to try out your special marinara sauce, or throw in some extra sweet potatoes for good measure/ The choice is up to you!

Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips

Now, if you’re looking for the perfect light snack to keep you going between lunch and dinner, you may be tempted to pick up a few chips absentmindedly. However, on a paleo diet, potato chips are 100% off the menu.

So, how exactly do you get that same texture and sensation for your light-snacking habits?

The answer is simple: You use this recipe to get some special cinnamon apples, sliced into chips for your eating pleasure!

They’re just as addictive as the originals, while only being a fraction of the calories, as well as keeping in line with the foods that paleo diets encourage you to eat.

Remember, you’re not necessarily just cooking these apple slices. You’re also drying them out, so they crisp better!

Paleo Steak With Orange Avocado

Thankfully for paleo dieters, steaks (Also check out How To Make Paleo Filet Mignon) are not off the menu (a relief to many readers here, we’re sure).

Beef is probably one of the meats that are most encouraged in paleo diets, thanks to it being high in protein, as well as this meat being a staple of people’s diets for centuries.

However, this particular steak recipe comes with veggies and a citrus twist to it, as these recipes are served with diced avocado and oranges.

Not exactly the first flavor combo that many people might think of when adding extras to a good steak, but one that can’t be denied has its charm!

Chicken Taco Lettuce Wraps

Tacos are among some of the most widely eaten foods and meals across the country. But with all that corn or flour and grain that goes into the tortilla wrap itself, they’re not exactly ideal for a paleo diet, are they (see also “Grain And Dairy Free Paleo Tigernut Flour Bread“)?

Well, this is where lettuce leaves have been getting a lot of use recently, as their large size and curved inside make them the perfect item for eating a taco’s content in place of its corn counterpart.

And, of course, that’s not even touching on just how amazing the contents of this lettuce taco wrap are!

With chicken and mashed avocado spiced and ripened to perfection, it’s all the flavors of a traditional taco, just in a healthier package now!

Mango Avocado Spiced Chicken Salad

Sticking with the fruitier flavors and recipes from the last entry, this one introduces a world-famous tropical fruit to the mix this time!

Mango is a popular fruit that is eaten in many different ways. Not only is it eaten raw as it is picked, but it can also be added to your recipe, both sweet and raw!

Take this chicken salad here, for example. The mango, coupled with the more subtle, though still delicious, and creamy flavor, helps balance out the spices that are used in this recipe!

Paleo Basil Cashew Salad

We’re back with another cashew recipe.

What can we say? It’s a flavor that goes well with a perfectly cooked piece of chicken breast

However, if you’re looking to create a green dish, you may want to consider leaving out the chicken and replacing it with avocado or even mango, creating a salad dish that is perfect for vegans to enjoy without the worry of poultry or beef in sight!

With the basil and other herbs that are used in this dish, you’ll have quite a herbal-tasting dish on your hands here. No processed foods or grains in sight for this one!

Coconut Almond Paleo Breakfast Muffins

Who doesn’t love a good muffin recipe? They’re like the king of sweet snacks or dessert appetizers! However, with a paleo diet, you may find that most muffin recipes are outside of your wheelhouse of ingredients.

However, as this recipe process to us, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a good muffin. You’ve got to get a little creative about it!

By replacing normal milk and cream with their coconut alternatives, you can have a recipe that is the perfect morsel to wake up with! Almonds are a breakfast nut, after all!

This muffin recipe can be served as it is when it comes out of the oven. However, if you’re looking to add a little dressing, we would recommend using a honey-based dressing to drizzle over your muffin, to keep it all paleo-friendly.

It’s good to see that even if classic muffins aren’t on the tab;e, you can still enjoy some sweet muffin treats for any occasion!

Greek Healthy Meal

Greek cuisine is arguably one of the healthiest out there, partly due to how it balances plenty of different types of food groups (if you discount some of the heartier types of bread, at least).

This particular Greek recipe is perfect for preparing lunch meals for the rest of the week, either for yourself or your family!

From the green beans to the red peppers and the perfectly cooked chicken breast, this is the perfect hearty lunch that will more than keep you going to dinner time!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

There’s plenty of opportunity for great flavors in paleo cooking, even if you are dropping grains from your diet. You just need the right recipe, or a little imagination to do it!

(Although some fresh chicken/beef and some tomatoes/mango/avocados do help here!)

Justin Roberts