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12 Best Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes To Try Today

The paleo diet (short for the “paleolithic diet”) largely focuses on the kinds of foods that early humans would have been able to get hold of.

It includes things such as vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs, seeds, fish, and nuts, which are all foods that early humans would have been able to source from hunting or gathering.

12 Best Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes To Try Today

When it comes to the livestock, the diet strives for pasture-fed ones, and it also focuses on natural fats.

It’s a fascinating diet that revolves around avoiding processed foods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have sweet treats!

For example, there are plenty of recipes for paleo chocolate chip cookies, which taste just as good as the cookies you might buy in a store. 

However, with so many recipes to pick from, it can be difficult to narrow them down and find the best for you.

That’s why we’ve done the work for you! In our tasty guide below, we’ve got a list of the 12 best paleo chocolate chip cookie recipes to try today (see also “Best High Fiber Snack Recipes“).

You’re sure to find some that you just love, and it’s a dessert that will liven up your paleo diet even more. Read on!

12 Best Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes To Try Today

1. Delicious Paleo Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The first entry on our list is these delicious chocolate chunk cookies, which are much thicker than a lot of chocolate chip cookies you’ll come across – and they’re paleo friendly!

Better yet, they’re quick to make, taking just 20 minutes total to prepare and bake.

This uses chopped dark chocolate as the source for its chocolate chips, giving it a much richer feel than regular chocolate. However, make sure to only buy chocolate chips that are paleo friendly!

Additionally, the recipe uses coconut too, from coconut oil, coconut flour, and coconut sugar. The sweet, unique flavor of coconut really pairs well with the rich chocolate, providing a great contrast. 

2. Easy Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Next up is these easy chocolate chip cookies, which are perfectly crunchy and have delicious, rich chocolate chips dotted throughout them. Better yet, they obviously fit the paleo diet!

This recipe uses semisweet chocolate chips for its chocolate, which are just the perfect level of sweetness and will suit anybody’s taste buds. Be sure to find paleo friendly chocolate chips, though.

You’ll also need some honey for baking these too, which helps to make the cookies just a bit more crumbly, and its sweetness plays off the chocolate perfectly.

Additionally, you’ll need some almond butter too. Nuts are a big part of the paleo diet, but those with a nut allergy should obviously leave these out.

For those who can eat nuts, though, the almond butter gives the chocolate cookies a subtle, tasty nutty edge. 

3. Giant Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s better than a paleo chocolate chip cookie? A GIANT paleo chocolate chip cookie! These large treats are the perfect sweet dessert, and they’re perfectly filling and chewy.

Better yet, you’ll need just 8 ingredients to make them!

Baking staples like egg and vanilla extract are needed, and the recipe uses almond flour in order to keep it paleo and give it the slightest extra flavor of nut – which goes really well with the chocolate chips and adds real depth to the dessert. 

4. Tasty Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

These mouth watering paleo chocolate chip cookies are a great bite-sized snack, perfect for eating after a workout or taking to work.

Better yet, they’re really quick to make, so you can easily make them spontaneously one evening when you’re having a craving!

There’s an interesting range of ingredients used in the recipe, which help to really make these cookies special. For example, the recipe uses some hulled tahini.

For those who don’t know, tahini is a paste that’s made from ground or toasted sesame seeds.

Additionally, there’s some maple syrup used in the recipe, which helps to make the treats even sweeter and more delicious. 

5. Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Next on our list is these crunchy, delicious paleo chocolate chip cookies, which are also grain-free and gluten-free. On top of that, they’re free of refined sugar too!

The recipe takes a handful of ingredients, a key one being chopped dark chocolate for the chocolate part. This makes the cookies extra rich and tasty!

Although, to make the cookies totally paleo, you can make the chocolate yourself or buy specific brands listed in the recipe. 

6. Healthy Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

The paleo chocolate chip cookies here are full of good stuff that’s sure to help you – a lot more than a regular chocolate chip cookie! For example these are free of grains, dairy, and refined sugar. Additionally, these are full of protein. 

The recipe uses dairy-free dark chocolate chips, which are really delicious and rich, and it includes ground almonds too. Almonds are a great ingredient, because they’re good for you in various ways. 

7. Simple Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Next on our list is these totally easy paleo chocolate chip cookies which can be prepared, baked, and cooled in a total of just 30 minutes. They’re paleo friendly, and they’re also free of gluten, dairy, grain, and refined sugar. 

You’ll need a handful of ingredients in order to make them, but it’s all the kind of things you’d expect.

When it comes to your chocolate chips, the recipe mentions chocolate brands that are going to be paleo, helping to make your bakery shopping much easier (see also “Amazing Paleo Brownie Recipes“).

In addition to that, the recipe uses both tapioca flour and blanched almond flour, the almond flour helping to give the cookies just the slightest hint of nutty flavor.

Ingredients are mixed together as per the recipe and then the batter is scooped onto a line baking sheet, before that’s put in the oven for the set amount of time. 

8. Crisp Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe will give you delicious paleo chocolate chip cookies, which have a wonderfully crisp outside and a tender, tasty inside. 

You’ll need some dark chocolate chips for the chocolate side of things, which are rich and filling. If you’re going sugar-free, then use cacao nibs instead. Don’t worry, the cookies won’t taste any less delicious! 

9. Mouth Watering Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Next on our list is these mouth watering paleo chocolate chip cookies, and they’re dairy-free, gluten-free, and grain-free. 

The recipe is completely simple to follow and you’ll find baking these cookies is very quick too!

You’ll need a handful of ingredients, with the recipe using mini dark chocolate chips to keep it sweet and bite-sized. Obviously, be sure to only buy chocolate chips that are suitable for the paleo diet. 

We recommend dipping the final results in some almond milk to make them even more delicious!

10. Enormous Skillet Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie

Now we’ve looked at some ;large paleo chocolate chip cookies, but what if you had one that was just a singular enormous cookie?

That’s what this is! You make this massive cookie in a skillet pan, and then you can cut it up and divide it as you want. In that sense, it’s almost like a cookie cake!

As a result, this is the perfect paleo treat for the whole family.

Despite its size, it doesn’t take that much longer to bake than other cookies, taking just 20 minutes of baking time.

The recipe uses dark chocolate chips for its chocolate, and there are plenty of them scattered throughout the enormous doughy cookie. 

11. Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies With Almond Flour

A lot of the paleo chocolate chip cookies we’ve looked at have used almond flour in them –  these are no different!

The reason that so many use this specific flour is not just for its nutty edge, but the fact that it’s perfect for grain-free paleo baking.

As for the other ingredients used in this recipe, you’ll need things like maple syrup and unrefined sea salt. By the end, you’ll have a totally delicious paleo dessert!

12. Thick And Chewy Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our final paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe is for these delicious thick and chewy (see also: Chewy And Delicious Ginger Molasses Cookies)cookies, which are sure to delight your taste buds.

They’re paleo friendly and they’re free of gluten too! Additionally, you can adapt the recipe to make it suitable for vegans or keto diet people.

These are quick and easy to make, taking just 15 minutes to prepare and then 15 minutes to bake. As a result, they’re a great treat to whip up on a whim!

You’ll need a variety of ingredients for the recipe, but they’re all easy to work with.

These cookies use semisweet chocolate chip cookies for its chocolate, but be sure to find chocolate chips that are paleo friendly. 

In addition to that, you’ll need to use tightly packed coconut sugar, natural almond butter, and a large egg, among other things.

Final Thoughts

You can still have sweet treats on the paleo diet – just follow these paleo chocolate chip cookie recipes!

Justin Roberts