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10 Superb Keto Air Fryer Recipes Everyone Will Love!

Ah, the humble air fryer. Is there a greater gift that you can give to someone that is trying to stay on a diet, while also indulging in that classic fried food goodness?

Air fryers are perhaps the best way to help get that little bit of fried crisp on your food, with only a fraction of the grease and calories.

10 Superb Keto Air Fryer Recipes Everyone Will Love!

This makes air fryers, perhaps unsurprisingly to those of us who have one, a very popular tool to use for keto recipes as well.

With the right recipes under your belt and in the frying tray, you too can enjoy plenty of the old fried flavors you loved, while also staying on course to achieve ketosis, and start burning fat and protein for energy instead of carbs.

If this sounds like something that you could find useful, either for your current keto diet, or perhaps one that you may want to start in the future, make sure that you keep this guide handy, and take a look at some of our favorite keto recipes that can be made with an air fryer!

1. Air Fryer Chicken Wings With Buffalo Sauce

Starting this list with a recipe that pretty much anyone can get behind, we have this amazing buffalo wing recipe for you to cook up in your brand-new air fryer(see also: 10 Superb Low Calorie Air Fryer Recipes Everyone Will Love!)!

Buffalo wings have always been a fan-favorite snack to make, either as a side dish for a table or as a snack to go through on the game day.

And with this recipe (plus a good air fryer, of course), you’ll have no trouble making a recipe that has just the right amount of heat for flavor, without overpowering your other seasonings.

All wrapped in just a slightly crispy outside that is a treat in and of itself.

And if that wasn’t enough, this recipe even comes with its amazing dip sauce for you to make.

If you’re a keto fan that doesn’t want to miss out on a classic dish for you and the guys, this is the recipe for you!

2. Air-Fryer Keto Meatballs

Meatballs and packed full of plenty of flavor and protein for you to keep up your keto diet. But sometimes, you also want to change things up a little, you know?

This air fryer recipe (see also: 15 Best Paleo Air Fryer Recipes To Try Today)gets your meatballs ready for throwing in the perfect sauce, and in surprisingly little time to boot!

Plus, there’s no need for the usual breadcrumbs that would normally help bulk this dish out.

Instead, the heat and small amount of oil from the air fryer allow the mince meat that you place in there to rise on its own, meaning that you can cut down on the carbs that would normally make this type of recipe a nightmare, as well as keto-friendly to boot

3. Air Fryer Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon is a food that many people haven’t seemed to warm up to, despite how much this particular food item has come in the last few years.

What you need to make them appreciate this interesting little food item is to have the perfect recipes, as well as the perfect cooking method to boot.

So, if you’re someone that loves turkey bacon, and want to spread that love to others, this is the dish for you!

Plus, with a cooking time that is less than 10 minutes, this isn’t even a recipe that you’ll need to wait around to make.

Well, it is bacon, after all!

Try this poultry-based bacon out with your friends, and watch them become fast fans before your eyes!

4. Air Fryer Shrimp With Lemon And Pepper

Ah, shrimp. Arguably a staple seafood for any grill, many people have also discovered the wonders and joys of battering up shrimp and throwing them in a fryer.

And while we can’t promise any batter in this recipe, what we can promise is that the shrimp that are cooked with this recipe make for either the perfect appetizer platter for a big party or a delicious main meal if you’re just cooking for one or two people.

The shrimp comes together as a great food appetizer once you add the extra lemon and pepper as well. Then you have a dish that isn’t going to be topped for zesty goodness anytime soon!

Well, unless you’re cooking shrimp with lime and pepper/salt. That’s certainly a variation of the recipe that we would recommend trying out for yourself.

Let us know which of these you prefer!

5. Air Fryer Hard-Boiled Eggs

Staying on the subject of simple recipes that anyone can try, we have here a hard-boiled egg recipe for you!

Okay, maybe a recipe is a little bit of a stretch for what this is, effectively a simple boiled egg that is made in an air fryer instead of a pan.

However, you’ll find that your boiled eggs will turn out incredible if you prepare them in this manner.

Plus, it’s just as quick and easy as boiling them. Maybe even easier, considering that you need little or no water for this recipe!

Come to think of it, it’s not exactly accurate to call it a hard-boiled egg if it’s made in an air fryer, is it?

Maybe it needs a new name.

Air-fried egg-Oh, wait…

6. Keto Air Fryer Shrimp

We’re back again with another shrimp recipe for you to try.

What can we say? Shrimp is just the perfect size to dump plenty in an air fryer, and cook quickly!

This particular shrimp recipe (see also: 10 Tasty Paleo Shrimp Recipes You’ll Love)did get something a little extra from the recipe, asides from a phenomenal sauce to dip your shrimp into.

Follow the recipe for ingredients and instructions, and you’ll have some immaculately breaded shrimps that will provide an extra layer of flavor and texture to these perfect bite-sized appetizers!

Combine that with this amazing sauce, and you have something that will be popular as a hot summer snack, or a warming winter appetizer!

All that, whilst remaining great for your keto regime!

7. Air Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

Time to take a swerve into a spicier side of the air fryer recipe with this next keto (see also: 10 Superb Keto Crockpot Recipes Everyone Will Love!)dish!

Jalapeños are a great spicy chili to include as an appetizer at almost any kind of meal.

But when they are cooked, a lot of that sweetness and spice is brought out to its full potential.

Removing the seeds also helps reduce that heat for those who don’t exactly have the best spice tolerances.

However, that space in a chili that is hollowed out suddenly turns into the perfect place to add your favorite stuffing ingredients, as this recipe shows us!

Stuff that empty chili with some easy-melting cheese, wrapped that chili in bacon, throw it in the air fryer, and watch magic be made before your eyes!

8. Air-Fryer Chicken Thighs

You’ll quickly find that the air fryer isn’t just great for bite-sized portions of food, but is also perfect for cooking even larger pieces of meat for your dinners.

Case in point, this recipe for making the perfect chicken thighs is a great example of what this tool can do, especially when you know what foods to put in and how to operate it.

Make sure that you rub your paprika and garlic seasoning into this chicken as well as make sure that it isn’t going just to the chicken thigh skin.

This recipe turns that chicken skin into a crispy, fragrant, and delicious guilty pleasure. It’s almost as good as the chicken itself!

9. Air Fryer Keto Low-Carb Fried Chicken Recipe

Now, if you’re looking for some bona fide fried chicken to throw on your inner plate for your keto diet, you can’t go wrong with this recipe!

Now, you may be aware that most seasonings and batters for fired chicken often contain some kind of breadcrumbs, high in carbs, and are the bane of every keto dieter’s eating schedule.

However, by using coconut flour and crumbs instead, you can still have that amazing texture that you love in fried chicken, without having to worry about those pesky carbs ruining your path to ketosis!

10. Air Fryer Flank Steak

Finally, we have a steak recipe here that will be the perfect big dinner to treat yourself with.

Air fryers are very good at preparing even the simplest steak cuts to perfection, provided that you follow the instructions for your recipes.

Fortunately, this recipe that we have provided here might just be one of the best ways to prepare a good steak!

With a good marinade to leave your steak in and a great sauce, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

An air fryer is a great tool that any kitchen would be better off with.

But, when you’re on a keto diet, you’ll often find that air fryers aren’t just a great convenience, but are instrumental in making sure that you can cook your recipes easily, and stay on that path with your high fat and protein/low-carb food.

Now, grab one of these recipes, and get started for yourself!

Justin Roberts