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10 Superb Low Calories Crock Pot Chicken Recipes Everyone Will Love!

If you’ve got a crock pot, which is essentially just another name for a slow cooker, then you’ll already have plenty of experience in making loads of delicious dishes with it.

10 Superb Low Calories Crock Pot Chicken Recipes Everyone Will Love!

After all, it’s a great kitchen tool for simmering foods, using moist heat to cook things over a longer period of time than other cooking equipment does. The result is food that’s more flavorful – which is always a good thing!

However, when it comes to making chicken recipes with your crock pot, there are loads and loads to choose from. Since there are so many, though, it can be very difficult to narrow the options down and find the tastiest chicken meals.

This is especially true when you’re trying to find crock pot chicken recipes that are low calorie too! When you’re hungry, you really don’t have the time to waste looking through countless options.

Which is why we’re saving you the time! In our handy, tasty guide below, we’ve got a list of 10 superb low calories crock pot chicken recipes everyone will love (see also “10 Superb Low Calorie Pork Chop Recipes Everyone Will Love!“).

Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find chicken meals in our guide that simply make your mouth water. Read on!

10 Superb Low Calories Crock Pot Chicken Recipes Everyone Will Love!

Crock Pot Creole Chicken And Sausage

The first entry on our list is this delicious meal of Creole chicken and sausage, which is just a small 275 calories per serving. If you’ve never had Creole chicken before, then it’s a deliciously spicy and peppery way to enjoy one of the best meats there is.

Better yet, the dish also uses Andouille sausage, which is typically pretty spicy too. This is one hot dish!

You’ll need a wide variety of ingredients to put into your crock pot, but it’s a very easy dish to prepare and will take only 10 minutes to prepare. 

In addition to the chicken breasts and the Andouille sausage, the dish also uses some low sodium chicken broth to bring out an even meatier flavor, without contributing too much to your daily sodium intake. 

On top of this, there’s plenty of tomato in this crock pot meal, whose sweet and sharp flavor really helps contrast with the spiciness.

This tomato comes from a variety of sources: tomato sauce (no pun intended!), diced tomatoes, and tomato paste. 

As for the spice, a lot of it comes from the inclusion of two teaspoons of Creole seasoning that are added to the crock pot, but a little bit of cayenne also helps.

Cayenne is a chili pepper that’s moderately hot. You can also add some green bell peppers, if you want.

When the ingredients are added to your crock pot, it’s covered and left to cook on low for as long as 8 hours – or 3 hours if you’re using the high setting.

Crock Pot Chicken Mole

This is a simplified twist on a classic Mexican meal, so you can bet that it’s got a bit of spice to it. It’s very easy to make with your crock pot and it’s low in calories too – just 214 calories per serving!

You’ll need a wide variety of ingredients, but they’re well worth the effort of collecting, because of all the subtle and delicious flavors that they’ll add to your dish!

The key ingredient is the chicken breasts, of course, but the recipe also uses some chicken broth in there to give it an even meatier edge. 

Other ingredients include cinnamon, chili powder, and cumin, to give the dish its signature spiciness. However, you can also add some minced jalapeno too, if you want it to be even hotter. 

Crock Pot Thai Red Chicken Curry

Next on our list is a fantastically tasty thai red chicken curry which you can easily throw together with just a small selection of ingredients.

Better yet, it’s extremely low calorie (unlike a lot of other crock pot curries!), coming in at just 282 calories for every serving.

The key ingredients here are the diced chicken breast and the Thai red curry paste, which helps to quickly give this dish a kick of the unique Thai red curry taste. 

However, the recipe also includes some chicken stock in order to make it even meatier (see also “Best High Fiber Chicken Recipes“), and there is even a tablespoon of Thai fish sauce in order to give it the slightest edge of fishy flavor. The combination of the two meats is surprisingly delicious!

Crock Pot Chicken Marrakesh

This is a great chicken recipe for your crock pot, and it’s an especially good pick for the fall time.

Just as it’s getting cold outside and you’re looking to keep all cozy inside, throw together this warming, vibrant chicken meal with your crock pot and it’s sure to heat you up!

Though its many ingredients make it seem like a stew, it’s a lot less liquid-heavy as a stew, instead having a perfect blend of food and sauce. Better yet, it’s low in calories, coming in at just 265 per serving!

There are loads of ingredients to this flavorful dish, but they’re all easy to use. The key ones include the chicken breasts themselves, sweet potatoes, diced tomatoes, and others.

A certain spiciness is added to it, too, thanks to ground cumin, cinnamon, and turmeric.

Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup

Chicken enchiladas are great, but what if you want them without the tortilla? That’s where the chicken enchilada soup comes in!

You get all the brilliant ingredients of an enchilada, but you can enjoy it straight from a bowl, and it’s especially easy to throw together in your crock pot.

Even better, this meal is low in calories! You’ll find you get just 333 calories per serving, making it perfect for any low calories diets, yet still plenty filling and warming. 

There’s plenty of ingredients, but they’re all very quick and easy to use. You’ve got your chicken breasts and chicken broth for the meatiness, while chipotle chili in adobo sauce helps to give this Mexican dish some of its signature spice.

There’s also a topping that you can make for the meal, which the recipe instructs you on as well. 

Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken

This is an extremely light and lovely crock pot chicken recipe, and it’s extremely low in calories – just around 193! 

This uses really flavorful, straightforward ingredients for its delicious dish. You’ll need your chicken breasts for the meat, and then you’ll need a red and a green bell pepper, as well as garlic cloves and a yellow onion. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be balsamic chicken without balsamic vinegar, so make sure to use that too! Additionally, some Italian seasoning helps to bring out the flavors further. 

Crock Pot Chicken And Dumplings

Next on our list is this crockpot recipe (see also: 10 Tasty Paleo Crockpot Recipes You’ll Love)for chicken and dumplings. We love a good meal of chicken and dumplings, the tender meat pairing perfectly with the doughy dumplings, and this dish is low in calories too! Just one serving should give you about 428 calories. 

It’s a very simple recipe too, requiring only a handful of ingredients. You’ll need your chicken and chicken broth, as well as two cans of cream of chicken.

That’s a lot of meat! As for the dumplings, they’re made with refrigerated biscuit dough. A few other ingredients, meanwhile, add extra seasoning and flavor. 

Crock Pot Chicken And Apples

It can be easy to forget what a great combination meat makes with some fruit, and the pairing of chicken and apples is surely one of the best! This delicious crock pot chicken recipe is low in calories, too, with just 303 calories per serving. 

The key ingredients here are the chicken breast and chicken broth, as well as the various forms of apple. You’ve got your 3 sliced Granny Smith apples, but apple flavoring is also provided through some apple cider and apple cider vinegar. 

Meanwhile, curry powder helps to spice things up a bit. Apple and spice is always something nice!

Crock Pot White Chicken Chili

Next on our list is this mouth watering recipe for crock pot white chicken chili, which is really creamy and warming. Better yet, it’s totally simple to make, and it offers the low amount of 314 calories for each serving. 

There’s loads of ingredients needed, but they’re all very easy to use. Chicken breast and chicken stock provide the meatiness, while cumin, cayenne pepper, and diced green chiles help to give this chili its spice. 

Crock Pot Chicken Adobo Recipe

The last entry on our list is the recipe for this flavorful and tender crock pot chicken adobo. It’s low in calories, offering just 399 per serving.

You’ll need various ingredients to make it, but it’s thankfully easy to do! The chicken is in the form of thighs and chicken broth, while soy sauce helps to give it a bit of sharpness.

Final Thoughts

Your crock pot can make loads of low calorie chicken (see also: 10 Superb Low-Calorie Chicken Recipes Everyone Will Love)meals – find the best with our list!

Justin Roberts