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Plan Your Week With Paleo Recipes

Struggling to get through your paleo diet? Don’t know what to cook next? Don’t worry we have it all planned out for you.

Getting into a new routine can be difficult, especially if you have no inspiration to keep you going. To help you out, we have planned every meal for you from Monday morning to Sunday evening. We’ve even included snacks!

Plan Your Week With Paleo Recipes

Use this menu to help you stay interested! Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you have to eat boring food.

Before we get started, we want to say a warm welcome to the readers of Whitty Paleo. We have recently acquired the website and cannot wait to add more paleo meals to our library. Now let’s get cooking!

Monday Breakfast

It’s Monday morning, and you’re feeling fresh and revitalized after a weekend’s rest. With so much energy in the morning, you’ll probably have time to create Paleo Porridge with Caramelized Bananas. Click on the link to get the recipe.

This recipe serves 4 people and takes 30 minutes to make. It’s a real treat! Cherish your Mondays and keep the weekend feeling going by serving a fun and delicious breakfast.

Monday Lunch

Now it’s time for lunch and let’s face it, you cooked breakfast this morning so you probably don’t have time for a cooked lunch too.

Instead, make a spicy salad using leftovers from the night before. Leftover chicken? Check. A handful of tomatoes? Check. Now pull off a handful of lettuce leaves and some sun-dried tomatoes. Easy, lunch is a breeze.

If you don’t have leftovers, but like the idea of this “throw it together” lunchtime salad, click here to find our recipe for Chipotle Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

Monday Dinner

You’ve had a long day in the office and are starting to feel the weekend slipping away. We want to ride our weekend high for as long as possible, which means allowing ourselves to take it easy. If you don’t give yourself a break you’ll end up burning out before you reach Wednesday.

This means our dinner meal needs to be easy and low concentration – aka Roasted Vegetables.

Just chop up a bunch of veggies (and make sure to include something carby like a sweet potato or butternut squash), cover it in balsamic vinegar, thyme, and garlic, and throw it in the oven for 15 minutes.

This is a simple and healthy recipe that contains all the vegetables you need for the day and requires next to no thinking.

Monday Snack

Carrying on with the same theme as dinner. You want a snack that is quick and easy to make. We suggest cutting up cantaloupe and wrapping it in prosciutto. For the full recipe click on this link.

It might sound odd, but you’ll be left with a savory sweetness and a moreish dessert. Happy snacking!

Tuesday Breakfast

Many people think Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Monday has the post-weekend high, Wednesday is the middle of the week, on Thursday you can see Friday, and Friday is your final working day of the week (or at least for most people). Tuesday has nothing.

Well with such a gloomy outlook we want to start your day with a fun and easy breakfast. Start the day right and the rest will follow. So, what’s our menu suggestion? Creamy Dairy-Free Scrambled Eggs.

This recipe only uses eggs, oil, seasonings, and water. It’s the technique that makes the eggs creamy. Plate it with some bacon and you’ll have a breakfast made for kings.

Tuesday Lunch

The best lunch is last night’s dinner. Today we want to make everything easy and fun, so grab any leftovers from Monday’s roasted veggies. Next, chop up a chicken breast and rub the same seasonings you used the night before.

Cook up the chicken, chop it into pieces, and add it to your roasted veggies. You’re probably in the office or out and about when lunch comes around, which means you won’t don’t have a cooker nearby. If that’s the case, cook your chicken in the morning.

When lunch comes around either heat the meal in the microwave or eat it cold.

Tuesday Dinner

Tasty Paleo Dinner Recipes You'll Love

Now dinner is here, and we need a pick-me-up from a slow day at work. The best way to avoid the slump is a recipe that demands our time but not our minds. Something we can drift off to as our arms do the work and our brain can finally relax.

We have a whole host of Tuesday dinner recipes to choose from, the best of them all is the humble meatloaf. Simply mix the ingredients together in a rhythmic motion, and then let the oven do all the work.

Tuesday Desserts

To round off the day, you need a rich treat to remind you of the weekend, but with enough ease that it doesn’t drain your remaining energy.

Follow our 5-minute chocolate avocado pudding recipe for an indulgent snack.

Wednesday Breakfast

Wednesday is hump day! Once it’s done, you’re over the majority of the working week and the weekend will be in sight. This day is filled with optimism, and that should be matched in our food too!

Start off the day strong with a Paleo-Friendly Hash Brown Casserole. This meal can feed the whole family in just 30 minutes. It’s filled with flavor, and slow energy-releasing carbohydrates, and will make your home smell divine!

Wednesday Lunch

Your breakfast will be filling, so for lunch, you don’t need a heavy meal. A Wednesday Lunch plan should be bright, intriguing, and packed with protein to keep your energy levels high. Make yourself a Salmon Salad Power Veggie Bowl.

These should include leafy greens such as rockets, colorful vegetables such as red peppers, and a well-seasoned salmon to tie it all together. For the full recipe, click on the link above. You’ll also find a bunch of other recipes for a bright and simple salad bowl.

Wednesday Dinner

So far our meal plan has contained fiddly meals to match our Wednesday can-do attitude, but we don’t want to push it too far. To round off our evening and prevent a midweek burnout, we should try something simple.

On this diet, a Paleo Dinner can be as simple as a roast! Roast chicken, roast, beef, roast pork, roasted eggplants.

Chop up your vegetables and throw them in a roasting pan along with your star ingredient (for us, it’s between beef and chicken). A typical roast doesn’t contain any non-paleo-friendly ingredients, so cook your traditional dinner and enjoy!

Wednesday Dessert

Most desserts require flour to make, but flour is not allowed on the Paleo diet. That means typical favorites like cinnamon rolls and brownies are off the table – or are they?

In our links above, we will take you to paleo-friendly dessert recipes, perfect for a midweek pick-me-up. Today let’s focus on brownies. Brownies are fun to cook, easy to create, and don’t take a lot of time.

We want to embrace that ease of a Wednesday evening, and brownies can give us a sense of delight without taking too much of our time.

But if you really don’t have the energy, try a mug cake instead. They take 2 minutes to create and will be loved by the whole family!

Thursday Breakfast

On Thursdays, we can see the weekend in sight. It is the day of “almosts” and “maybes” as we try to envision what the next couple of days will bring. Make sure the rest of our working day goes well by starting off with a healthy meal.

Nothing large, nothing imposing. Instead, make a banana muffin. These muffins are filled with potassium, have no flour in them whatsoever, and will stay fluffy and moist throughout the day.

If you start your day in a rush and don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast, making a batch of banana muffins can help you get the nutrients you need while still enjoying a tasty meal on the go.

In our link above, we have 15 different recipes to help keep your creations exciting. Give them a go!

Thursday Lunch

We are keeping everything light today. That means no large and decadent lunch boxes and no complex or time-consuming recipes.

Instead, we will create a humble bagel sandwich. Normally bagels are made using a lot of flour and sugar, but Paleo Bagels are made using almond flour.

Almonds have enough sugar in them naturally to create the same sweetness, but they also contain their classic nutty flavors. You can eat them as they are or turn them into a sandwich by filling them with tomatoes, cucumber, and smoked salmon.

If you really wanted to, you could bake these at the beginning of the week and turn your leftovers into bagel fillings! The possibilities are endless.

Thursday Dinner

15 Marvelous Lazy Keto Recipes To Cook Today

For many people across the country, Thursday is fish day. Even if this isn’t a tradition you follow, having fish for dinner continues our idea of a light and healthy meal.

To start you off, we suggest a delicious plate of Halibut. You can plate your halibut with leafy greens, broccoli and pesto, honey and garlic, or more!

The link above will show you 15 different ways you can cook and serve halibut without breaking the Paleo diet. If halibut isn’t your thing, there are multiple Tasty Paleo Fish Recipes for you to choose from – from shrimp to cod, salmon to haddock! Click on the links for a more varied version of a fish dinner.

Thursday Snack

Keeping with our Healthy Paleo Recipes idea, we won’t be offering a Thursday dessert. Instead, we’re opting for a beverage-based snack. Smoothies!

Smoothies and juices are both technically paleo-friendly, but we should warn you about the sugar content. Under the paleo diet, you shouldn’t be digesting more sugar than is found naturally in food. Basically no added sugars.

Smoothies and juices don’t have added sugar, but the large amount of fruit used to create them means the drinks contain a lot of sugar. This doesn’t mean they are off the table, but to have the real benefits of a paleo diet you need to be wary of this large sugar intake.

Lucky for you, we have been talking about health throughout the whole Thursday menu. On this day you will not have heavy meals, and your sugar and vegetable intake will be low.

This means it’s the perfect time for a Tasty Paleo Smoothie. Click on this link to find 10 paleo-friendly smoothie recipes.

Friday Breakfast

Friday is the last working day of the week. We want to feel pumped, we want to feel excited, and we want food that matches this energy.

Yesterday, we started the day with a banana muffin, today we’ll create a Paleo Blueberry Muffin. Just like before we are swapping the regular flour with almond flour.

Although we’ve eaten a muffin just the day before, today the bright colors and sweet flavors from the blueberries will add a new zest to our meal.

Friday Lunch

Yesterday we didn’t have a lot of vegetables so today let’s add those energy-giving and light-feeling ingredients back into our lunch. The perfect way to add vegetables to your meal is to hide them as carbohydrates.

If we eat salads all day, every day, we will be left wishing for substance. Instead, grate your cauliflower into a fine rice shape and then add in avocados, olives, and tomatoes.

It’s a colorful meal to match our mood and is packed full of vegetable goodness! Click on this link for the 15 Best Keto Cauliflower Rice Recipes for more inspiration. Although these recipes are designed for the keto diet, they still follow paleo ideals.

Friday Dinner

Friday night means one of two things – an early night to prepare for a big weekend, or a social gathering with all of your friends.

If you want something quick and easy to make, that won’t make you feel too full as you head to bed early, look through these 15 Marvelous Lazy Keto Recipes.

Keto is a low-carbohydrate diet which means you won’t have to worry about finding rice, pasta, or bread-based recipes in the list. Search through to find something easy and light.

But for the party people reading this menu, we suggest creating one of our 15 Tasty Paleo Dishes For Social Gatherings. These meals are hearty, filled with flavor, can easily serve 6 people, and still keeps to the paleo diet.

Even if your friends aren’t joining you in your foodie journey, they will love your creations. Chicken sweet potato curries, Mexican chicken stir fries, bacon and balsamic onion meatloaf, and more!

Friday Snack

Seeing as you have friends around, you’ll need a dessert that acts as finger food. That way people can pick up a snack as the evening continues, or they can leave the treat behind as they’re already too full.

The best option for finger food desserts is cookies. Whether you pick quirky and unusual cookies or plain chocolate chip, you can leave these treats on a coffee table and let your friends pick at them all night long – not worrying about them going stale or leaving crumbs.

Cookies are the perfect social snack that everyone loves!

Saturday Breakfast

It’s Saturday! The weekend has arrived. To celebrate the day you should start off by treating yourself. Make your favorite breakfast and decorate it with fruits.

For us, the perfect Saturday morning treat is a waffle. Paleo Waffles are made with almond flour, but the rest is exactly the same.

Remove the added sugar in the batter and instead use fruits and maple syrup to ensure the delicious sweet flavors.

Maple syrup is paleo-friendly, but don’t overdo it. We want to eat a reduced sugar diet, so give yourself some restraint. If you don’t like the idea of eating maple syrup at all, that’s okay too. Use crushed fruits as a sauce to add moisture and sweetness to your breakfast.

Saturday Lunch

Saturday is the day of fun and letting loose. The perfect meal to capture that release is the classic sloppy joe. A Paleo Sloppy Joe would need almond flour bread or should be served in a bowl and eaten breadless. The rest of the meal will be exactly the same as a normal sloppy joe.

In the link above you’ll find 15 recipes. Some are easier than others, some include specific main ingredients to make the meal taste richer, and others create a unique twist on the old American classic.

Scroll through to see which one best suits your mood.

Saturday Dinner

15 Delicious Paleo Meatballs Recipes That You Will Love

For dinner we want to continue the meat feast mood and dive into Paleo Meatball Recipes. Meatballs are normally served with spaghetti but they don’t need the carbohydrate to feel like a complete meal.

The pasta acts as a vehicle for the sauce and adds new textures to the meal, but it doesn’t add more flavor. If you still want those flavors or need that vehicle to enjoy the lake of sauce you love to eat, then we have a solution.

Instead of using banned wheat spaghetti, make your own Spaghetti Squash instead, Creating your own Tasty Paleo Pasta means you can avoid the banned ingredients and still eat the food you love.

Look at our recipes in the links above and decide if you should create your own pasta or allow yourself a carbless meal. Either way, your meatballs will still be divine.

Our recipes include Vietnamese meatballs, Greek meatballs, Thai meatballs, and more. From classic Italian American to flavors from all over the world, you can never get bored of this dinner.

Saturday Snack

Saturdays are normally filled with fun plans or enjoying another person’s company. Depending on the amount of time you have to bake, you may want blondies, cookies, pies, or even ice cream.

With meatballs for dinner and a sloppy joe for lunch, the best type of snack should match these autumnal aesthetics. You know what this means! Pumpkins!

Choose one of our favorite Tasty Paleo Pumpkin recipes for a dessert that matches your energy levels and the season. If it’s the summer, create pumpkin ice cream. Winter? Create a pumpkin pie.

All of these recipes are paleo-friendly, and they keep our fun warming theme going.

Sunday Breakfast

It’s the last breakfast of the week, and now we are feeling lazy. We want to relax before heading back to work and take the easy route without missing out on all the fun. To start the last day, what else can we pick but Paleo Pancakes?

Click the link to find 6 different recipes to ensure your pancakes are paleo. Each recipe uses a different flour type, from the classic almond to cassava, banana to sweet potato.

If you’ve become a bit sick of almond flour, experiment with the other flavors and even swap them with our other alternative flour recipes.

Sunday Lunch

For lunch let’s keep the easy streak going and cook some soup. Soup is simple. You either put all the ingredients into a pot and simmer for the flavors to be released, or you roast the ingredients first to add more depth of flavor.

Either way, you aren’t mixing and folding, or watching the pot for hours – perfect for a Sunday lunch. Our collection of 10 Tasty Paleo Soup Recipes includes turkey taco soup, chicken pot pie soup, sweet potato and red pepper soup, and more!

Click the link and scroll through until you see something you like.

Sunday Dinner

In the UK, a Sunday Dinner means roasted chicken and although a Rotisserie Chicken does sound delightful, we have already had a meal like that in the week. Instead, we want to carry on with our simple and carefree Sunday aesthetic.

What fits better into the cozy feeling than a casserole?

Our 15 Best Paleo Casserole Recipes include a spinach and mushroom bake, chicken and broccoli casserole, sausage and potato casserole, and more.

Each meal is hearty, and filling – perfect for a cozy Sunday dinner.

Sunday Dessert

Our final dessert and final meal suggestion isn’t as simple as our other Sunday menu items. This time we suggest making ice cream. Ice cream isn’t usually paleo-friendly, but our 15 recipes offer a dairy-free alternative to this family favorite.

Start making them at the beginning of the day, so you can enjoy them as an evening treat. Or, make a massive tub full so you can dip them into the freezer whenever you fancy something sweet.

Final Thoughts

This menu is designed to help you get started with your paleo diet. When you start a new diet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the change and lock yourself into a restricted meal plan.

The paleo diet doesn’t restrict a lot of food, so take advantage of the meats and vegetables available to you. Each of our menu suggestions comes with a link to recipes. We will offer you a plethora of recipes to choose from while still suggesting an easy to follow plan.

Use this menu as a launchpad to show you just how much variety you still have. You could click on the links and scroll down to the next suggestion as you start a new week, or you could mix the days around to better suit your lifestyle.

Either way, bookmark this page and come back to it when you need inspiration for your meals.

Have fun and keep cooking!